The SMLT Container is a container meant for hacky playful experimentation. Outside this page, the rest of the site is based on Sigma-9 with only small content changes. Create as many pages as you want, provided you prefix them with your username.

Namespacing Your Pages

You must prefix your page URLs with your name to avoid name conflicts (i.e. <your-username>:your-page-name). It doesn't have to be your username, as long as it's consistent between your pages. It's not an absolute requirement, but if necessary, unprefixed pages may be renamed in the future to accomodate more important pages.

Collaborating with Others

Prefix your page with collab: (e.g. collab:<your-username>:cool-eod-tale) to allow any site member to edit the page.

Working in Secret

The contents (but not the title) of pages with a "secret" prefix (e.g. secret:<your-username>:cotbg-fanfic) are hidden from everyone except the creator of the page. Of course, you can name this whatever you want, like secret:<your-username>:youll-never-know. If you want to share the contents of your secret page, you'll need to rename the page to remove the prefix or copy it to a new public page. If you just want to hide your page from the "All Pages" listing (i.e. make it "unlisted"), use hidden: instead.