Q: Who made this?

A: The original idea was made by AyersAyers and then given a significant upgrade by WoedenazWoedenaz.

Q: The "comments" bit doesn't work. Why?

A: If your "comments" section runs multiple lines, there needs to be a space at the end of each line. Blame wikidot.

Q: Why would you make something so obnoxious?

A: The translations module causes issues with fancy CSS pages. The translations module is an iframe, which means the user cannot mess with the CSS inside of it, meaning that dark-themed CSS pages clash with it hard. This is our solution.

Q: But if it's just for the translations module, why are you plugging with it?

A: Why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q: Why don't you use this excellent format? It does what this does in a less intrusive way.

A: An excellent question! I have SEES and the little i next to the "remove my vote" button causes me discomfort.

Q: Can I use the code for myself?

A: Absolutely! Here's the code. It goes at the very top of your page. Even above your CSS modules.

[[include :scp.avn.sh:component:aers:info-stuff
|lang=en[!-- EN/RU/KO/CN/FR/PL/ES/TH/JP/DE/IT/UA/PTBR --]
|page=scp-XXXX[!-- url of your page on the scp wiki --]
|authorPage=http://www.scp-wiki.net/yourAuthorPage[!-- link to your author page --]
|comments=Any addional comments (image sources, crit credits, whatever)