The Witness
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid - Keter

Special Containment Procedures:


As of this time, there is currently no information when, how, or where Item SCP - ███████████ came from. The first appearance of this SCP is mainly derived from a "door", standing at 6 meters high 4 metres wide and 1 metre deep (19.7×13.1×3.3 ft) with over 200 figures depicting what appears to be multiple galaxies in a hellish landscape, had managed to emerge from out of nowhere. To the acknowledgement of research thus far, it has come to the conclusion that this "door" appears to shift every month from one site to another at random order. The first sighting of this "Door" appeared from Site 0, which immediately caused massive concern for security should the entity be to make contact with SCP-001. All current manner of research and understanding has so far proven futile, and at worse incomprehensible. Under ████-███-██████, all personnel are required to stay as far back from the "door" as possible and allow Class D subjects to enter the door. Should subjects manage to return from the "door" they are to be immediately questioned and then terminated.

24 Hour monitor of the door is to be expected, and all Agents are to take immediate action should SCP - ███████████ ever show any possible signs of appearing through the door, all agents are required to inform Administrator and all other Overseer-level agents, along with taking any form of necessary action in the event of SCP - ███████████ change of attitude. At this present time, this has not currently developed, but all manner of action will be required should the situation change, or if SCP - ███████████ is to show signs of such behaviour.

Description: Based on the eye witness account of the few Class D subjects that managed to survive contact whatever awaits on the other side of the "door", it has been decided from the O5-Counsil that all agents are to consult the Patmos series of Emergency Orders. Previous cases of Class D subjects had succumbed to madness upon mentioning the entity's name, be it through speaking in the English Language or an attempt of speaking in a Eldritch dialect. This has resulted in leaving behind de-evolved caveman paintings on walls covered in D-Class subjects' own blood before passing out or Self-Termination. From what little data and personal information acquired from either D-Class members or Drones, it has come to the confirmation from Drone - 004 on the 01/02/20 that the entity beyond the "door" is a gigantic Squid-like creature of unknown size, length, width and height with a large, singular eye at the direct centre seemingly endless tentacles that act as limbs. From the ramblings and conversation of the insane subjects that managed to barely survive the encounter, this is a being of gargantuan proportions.

It is not currently known as to how many tentacle limbs the entity possesses, but is theorised to be within the thousands, all of which appear to have spikes pultruding along the under section of the tentacles. The measurement of such spikes currently remains unknown. However, upon closer examination of the image from Drone - 004, it is possible that these spikes have unnatural height adjustment, ranging from sharing the exact same measurement as the "door", to being the equal size of Mount Everest. After selecting the key D-Class subjects that have somehow recollected some manner of sanity left within themselves, It is come to the decision that the entity is currently residing from either: A. A pocket dimension, B. outside the own Universe, or C. The possibly the entity is outside any universe based on the research of the Multiverse theory. The combination of Level 4 reports stimulate that it is acting as some form of "Witness", apparently 'watching' the evolutionary progression of a chosen species. based on the conversations and evidence of D-Class personnel that have self-terminated from Interrogation, it is believed that this entity has "seen" multiple universes come and go, leaving this universe no different than the others. How this is possible, is still open to debate. Upon confirmation of the entity's name also activities some form of kill switch, causing a Class D survivor to commit immediate suicide from out of desire and also fear.

Due to the new nature of SCP - ███████████ arrival, All manner of research on how to contain and cease the door from shifting from one site to the other remains top priority, should the unfortunate accident of the door appearing in site 0 again. So far, only a select few Class D subjects have managed to survive contact with SCP - ███████████. According to salvageable interrogations with surviving Class D subjects; "IT" appears to "Judge" those who are worthy. This has so far proven unsuccessful at this present time, as multiple Class D subjects have either been terminated inside the door, or have managed to escape and have succumbed to extreme madness, which has resulted in immediate Termination by armed personnel.

Addendum: Addendum ███████████-a: Experimentation re: SCP-███████████-2's effective range.

1. EXPERIMENT A: 1 Class-D personnel instructed to approach the "Door" to meet SCP-███████████ as closely as possible on foot.
Result: 98% of all Class D subjects have been terminated inside the "Door", the remaining 2% that returned from the door shown extreme signs of madness and a mental de-evolved state due to the cavemen paintings on the walls in their own blood. Only a tiny section of Class D individuals did not show signs of mental de-evolution but with heightened intelligence but with a much aggressive mental instability. Upon termination of Class-D personnel within one site, the "Door" appears to disappear and seems to emerge within another site.

Addendum ███████████-a: Experimentation re: SCP-███████████ contact with sentient life. - Authorisation by Administrator approved.

1. EXPERIMENT Ai: 1 Class-D personnel instructed to enter through the the "Door" to meet SCP-███████████ and to return.

Result: More testing required. All Class-D subjects that have participated with the experience at Site [REDACTED] are to be terminated immediately.

2. EXPERIMENT Aii: 1 Class-D Personnel equipped via body camera named: Drone-004 to meet with SCP-███████████ and to return.

Result: Following errant transmission was received by Foundation personnel.

Incident Log, 01/02/2020: At 03:21 UTC, Class D- subject designated "D-1920" arrived at the interrogation room by armed guards. Full restraining jacket was advised
in order to safely contain the test subject. Personnel's mental state was appalling upon inspection, yet full Q&A was still advised in order to gain information on what happened. Because of the unpredictable and currently zero knowledge of SCP-███████████ thus far, deadly force will be authorised upon the sole surviving Class D unit if mental stability continues to deteriorate.

Dr. Peterson: This is Dr. Willhelm Peterson initiating interrogation. Date is February 1st 2020 - Recording of Tape 01-97-X-7612 is underway. Today's subject of interest is Class D- Subject 'D-1920.' Upon clarification of the SCP Foundation, clearance has been given to personnel of Level 4 or higher to ask the Class D personnel a question in regard to direct contact with SCP-███████████. For reasons, the purpose of this interview is to understand more about what exactly happened and to figure out the understanding and origin of this Item Unit…

Assistant Moors: Dr. Willhelm, is this really necessary? Look at him. Whatever he made contact with just broke him, and then tormented his mind beyond repair.

Dr. Peterson: *Shows clear evident of ignoring Assistant Jonathan Moors concern* Do you know why you are here D-1920?

D-1920: *Evident of constant rocking motion. Facial look is of a mortified and traumatic expression with saliva drooling from the mouth. Eyes bloodshot red and skin colour had turned almost completely pale.*

Dr. Peterson: D-1920. Do you hear me? Failure to compl-

D-1920: Its watching… Always watching…. Great Eye starring…. Always Stares… Eternal silence within the infinite darkness…

Dr. Peterson: Great eye? Infinite Darkness? Can you describe the size of this Eye?

D-1920: Impossible to say…. The Great Eye is all there is… Radiant… Glorious… HAHAHAHHH… Hheeeeeh… The spikes… Mountains… Tentacles of Endless Proportions…

Assistant Moors: For god's sake, is this interview going to be nothing more but riddles!?

Dr. Peterson: Moors, please!

D-1920: Spikes upon the tentacles… tall… Monolithic… The Eye… The core centre… The sole point showing a light….

Dr. Peterson: *Seen taking notes* So SCP-███████████ is a being of gargantuan size, with a single eye, surrounded by total darkness… Is it aware?

D-1920: It knows… It knows who we are… The planet… The Universe… It can see everything…

Dr. Peterson: Is SCP-███████████ dangerous? Does it want to harm humanity?

D-1920: …. Learning… Quietly… Watching… Hateful… Yet Loving… Malice…. Yet Curious….

Dr. Peterson: How does it feel about the Foundation?

D-1920: …. Curious… Laughable at best… HehehehHEHehheh…. A futile goal…

Dr. Peterson: It believes our work is for nothing?

D-1920: HAhhHAhahahha… No… But also Yes….

Dr. Peterson: Is SCP-███████████ aware of the other Item Units.

D-1920: It knows… He cares little… All except one…

Dr. Peterson: Who?

D-1920: S….S……S….S….

Assistant Moors: Spit it out! The Doctor wants to know which one!

D-1920: 001.

*Both Dr. Peterson and Moors took the moment to look at each other with worry before scribbling notes and returning to face D-1920. They have noticed the D-Class Personnel taking a much frightful tone.*

D-1920: It… It can see us right now…. *Noticed with a increased breathing, his eyes just staring at the wall to the right* It-It's looking at me! It can see me!! It can see us!! IT'S ALREADY HERE!!

Dr. Peterson: D-1920! I ask that you control yourself! I SAID CONTRO-

CAPTION: Incident Report:

D-1920 entered into a sporadic and hyperventilating frenzy, screaming at the top of his lungs. Faecal defecation and urine leakage was made evident by the repugnant smell. D-1920 ran towards the very mentioned wall and proceeded to slam his head to the wall repeatedly, blood exposed from the damaged frontal lobe and excessive force caused the D-Class Personnel to self-terminate. All matter of SCP-███████████ is to continue immediately upon this critical information gathering. It is also made evidently clear to whatever SCP-███████████ is, it is also watching the actions of D-class personnel's every move the moment they leave the door. Further analysis is required on how to conter this psychological link between the D-Class subjects and the SCP. The image gathered from the body camera 'Drone-004' gave the answer to what SCP-███████████ looks like…

Upon observing the image, it is strong possibility that [REDACTED].