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Dont mind me just trying to write my first tale

Pata Shard
Today at 11:22 AM
dad decided it would be funny to disappear right before the guests arrived
Today at 11:23 AM
Again?? didn't he do this last week for your birthday thingy
Pata Shard
Today at 11:26 AM
he hid in the pantry and scared the crap out of me
i just checked and hes not there
Pata Shard
Today at 11:46 AM
i just spent like 20 min trying to find him and i cant
im getting worried guys
Today at 11:48 AM
I'm sure he'll be back, he probably went out to buy something last minute.
Pata Shard
Today at 11:22 AM
no his car is in the driveway
he cant have gone far, we live in like the middle of nowhere



Uhhhhh so we were getting ready for lunch and my parents just… left? Even left the hotdogs on the grill????
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11:26 4 July 2020

Pata Shard
Today at 1:12 PM
mom just tried to call the cops but the line was busy
im freaking out
dad wouldnt just leave us like this
Today at 1:13 PM
Are you absolutely sure he's not in the house?
Pata Shard
Today at 1:14 PM
well theres only the basement but i doubt hed be there
we only use it to store stuff
im gonna check tho brb
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Pata Shard
Today at 1:32 PM

red_eyes 07/04/20 (Sun) 2:23:22 #23620558

#missing is trending on Void, with apparently hundreds of people worldwide having just vanished over the last 2 hours. It seems the disappearances were sudden and unexpected, some having happened in the blink of an eye. We were right, there is something out there, and it's angry at us.

Aestrei 07/04/20 (Sun) 2:26:23 #23620580

They're not just disappearing into thin air, they're leaving shadows behind. Like nuclear shadows.

I just got home. The police was cordoning off a street because apparently several people got fucking vaporized or something, you could see their shadows on the wall. I don't think I'll ever be able to unsee that…