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% epistolary format, to a friend

% guy sees a small alien creature unsuccessfully rummaging through trash cans outside his apartment
% against his better nature, he picks it up and brings it inside. implies mind-altering effect
% weird bristles, makes shrill sounds that hurts his ears
% not sure what to do, the creature generates sharp talons from apparently nothing and scratches him until he bleeds
% he tries to keep his distance, but it keeps stalking up to him
% he throws strips of meat at it, keeps chasing, but eventually is satisfied
% leaves out some water then goes to bed

% wakes up and the beast is crouched on his chest, scaring him. it doesn't move and he can't get it off, he's scared
% reminds him of sleep paralysis demon
% stays like that for an hour, until it gets up and wanders off. he collapses asleep again from exhaustion

% been a week, feeds it strips of meat daily and that seems to keep it satisfied
% feels entranced
% attributes: very sneaky/stealthy, obsessed with performing strange self-rituals,

% starting to feel like it's comfortable
% getting used to it even though it freaks him out

Every day I worry this thing will decide to just eat me, but I also can't help but think it's rather endearing. Hopefully it decides I'm more useful alive than as food.

Anyways, I've attached a picture. Maybe that paranormal forum you like will have some info on it.