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I had it all planned out. We'd walk to the lecture hall together, we'd talk about the project, I'd offer her a piece of chocolate, making jokes and comments throughout class. Afterwards, I'd ask her if she wants to get dinner, just us two.

My heart was pounding.

We all had our weekly lunch together, everybody in the friend group minus Joe. She kept glancing over at me, and I kept smiling back. I'm so nervous that I'm making up the signals, that there's nothing there, that I'm seeing what I want to see. But there does seem to be something there.

Tomorrow. Writing 214, the Wadsworth Building. God, I am a total nervous wreck.

YES!! She said yes!

I can barely handle my emotions right now, she said it was a great idea and that she was excited and that she enjoyed talking to me. What an amazing feeling! From her body language, the tone of her voice, I just feel, I just know she was waiting for this. If only I had gathered my courage sooner!

But no matter. Tomorrow night at six at the Olive Garden. Not the classiest joint, but she knew we'd both enjoy it. Heh, I guess I should prepare some breadstick jokes.

I woke up with a splitting headache. Begrudgingly I got dressed and stumbled towards my 2 PM class. Walking through the central plaza, Claire noticed me and stomped over, practically fuming as she addressed me.

"You stood her up!"

"Uh, I'm sorry?"

"You asked Patricia out on a date, and then you didn't show up? What the hell man, she's been crying all night!"

"… What date?"