Specific Container People

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Item #: SCP-XX Level 3/XX
Object Class: Keter Safe Classified


Location of the first known SCP-XX infection.

Special Containment Procedures: Researcher Aguilar is kept in a cognitohazard-grade humanoid containment chamber within Site-952.

Description: SCP-XX is an anomalous contagion which transfigures affected individuals into metaphysical containers for the concept they were conceptualizing at the time of infection. All contained concepts and objects are subsequently confined to the individual containing them.

A possible connection to SCP-████ is being investigated.

Discovery: SCP-XX was first detected when multiple sites reported a critical shortage of pasta noodles, despite AIC units suggesting food with the same chemical composition existing in storage. Global surveillance eventually established Capricio Italian Restaurant within Almaty, California as the location of the first confirmed SCP-XX cases.

Below is a history of infected individuals:

Individual Scope Notes
Jeremy Davies (patron) Linguini and penne pasta
Maribelle Davies (spouse) Shock Risk of normalcy disruption lowered
Lee Harold (waiter) Red wine
Feral dog Unknown Foundation analysts are attempting to determine what variety of meat was displaced following this infection.
D-447934 Freedom All anomalies were temporarily reported as contained until the subject's amnesticization.
Site Director Ko D-class riot Director Ko was killed in the subsequent storming of her office by site security personnel.
Researcher Aguilar All other SCP-XX instances Anomaly downgraded to Safe.