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REDO change to be increase emotional investment in the wiki, as well as minor reference to mysteries rather than monsters

Item #: DAO-61

Synopsis: Memetic unconscious nudging agent. Relocates K-class scenarios to side universes.

Risk of Discovery: Minimal

Distinct Anomaly Operations: DAO-61 is inserted in the rendering of all SCP data files and standard-grade reports. The agent is currently activated at a 3.5% strength, which can be increased to 8% during periods of high containment failure. Further increase requires consent of the O5 Council.

Should DAO-61 be discovered by an intended subject, DAO-61-1 is to be inserted into all data files as a cover-up. Following its removal, DAO-61 is to be decommissioned.

Description: DAO-61 is a Human-0 memetic hazard created as part of PROJECT SWAN. As such, Foundation personnel or baseline humans are unaffected and should not notice its presence. When perceived by a Human-0 subject, they experience a neurologic suggestive force concerning horror and disturbing fiction, associating a wider and less harmful range of todo. Subjects have shown increased fascination todo.

DAO-61 was produced utilizing subliminal ambietics,1 overlaying visual color patterns which vary by a given percentage of the base pixel's color. This is taken by todo.

DAO-61-1 is a Javascript payload designed to mimic the behavior of a non-anomalous cryptominer. It has been designed to produce a faint visual effect similar to DAO-61 when run in a web browser, with a minimal CPU signature for retroactive plausibility. An hourly hook checks for changes in delivery in web content by the Human-0 upstream host.