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Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A joint containment effort between the Foundation, GOC, and SCP-XX-1 is in progress. Lifted-Veil contingencies are currently in place, until a permanent solution to the containment of SCP-XX is reached, resources are not to be expended on the amnesticization of witnesses of SCP-XX-related events. (?) Efforts are underway with SCP-XX-1 to study the effects of SCP-XX-A and ensure it does not spread into the prime reality. All manifestations of SCP-XX are to be disabled or contained in accordance with Procedure 451-Pluto.

By order of the Ethics Committee, all unauthorized individuals found in ingress or egress through SCP-XX are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-XX refers to a thamuturgic ritual which creates a portal to the prime reality. Instances appear as an opaque ellipsoid typically 3.2 meters in height and 2.1 meters in length, and leave a dull crystalline solid after deactivation. While it is believed that SCP-XX can be performed in any universe on the same existential plane, it is only feasibly performed from SCP-XX-Ω. This is due to the normally fatal requirements of the ritual, which necessitates anomalously durable bodies or SCP-XX-A infection. Since its initial manifestation in 1962, SCP-XX events have become vastly more common, affecting tens of thousands of individuals monthly. The first known SCP-XX invocation occurred in a primary school in Kolkata, India, after which two SCP-XX-Ω individuals emerged, killed several students present, and finally self-terminated. GOC agents destroyed the SCP-XX portal and performed an investigation and subsequent cleanup.

SCP-XX-1 refers to SCP-XX-Ω's SCP Foundation, which is currently cooperating with efforts to contain the anomaly. They have also provided documentation and SCP files related to SCP-XX-A, and some members of SCP-XX-1's O5 Council have expressed interest in potentially reversing SCP-XX-A's effects within their reality.

SCP-XX-A is an anomalous effect that spreads by an unknown vector. While it has not been known to spread through SCP-XX manifestations, Class-XI extreme hazard protocols are observed during experimentation to prevent possible contamination. Any organisms affected by SCP-XX-A are incapable of reaching a terminal brain state, regardless of any harm or damage inflicted. See also SCP-XX-1's file on "SCP-3984".

Addendum XX-1: Notable Events

Date Description Changes in containment efforts
1962/08/14 A man and a woman emerge from a SCP-XX instance. After holding a classroom hostage, they performed termination testing on several students, inflicting lethal harm and determining if their brain was still active. After determining the individuals were deceased, they gored themselves onto they expired from blood loss. Witnesses reported that the pair was ecstatic, and said they had done a service to those they had killed. N/A
1962/09/20 The FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit became involved in an investigation featuring numerous cases of disappearances at the University of __ after reports of potentially occult elements. They discovered a basement withing the campus containing stocks of sodium thiopental and potassium chloride1 and several inactive SCP-XX portals. A sting operation captured several SCP-XX-Ω-originating suspects, and information regarding the event was transferred to the Foundation. None of the victims have been recovered. The file EE-XX (extranormal event) was created.
1962/10/08 Agents embedded in San Francisco's police department report an a 319% increase in Golden Gate bridge suicides. Surveillance tracks additional jumpers to an apartment, which is raided by a Foundation task force. Several SCP-XX-Ω individuals are detained and the SCP-XX instance is preliminarily contained on both sides of the portal. Agents attempt to determine if SCP-XX-1 exists.
1963/01/03 SCP-XX-1 make contact with the Foundation. Extradimensional handshake protocols are initiated to prevent accidental exchange of anomalies, efforts are hindered by differences in non-anomalous technology levels. N/A

basically, people in the EoD world found a ritual to transport to a non-EoD world, where they can kill themselves or kidnap bodies "ethically", i.e. killing them first. both foundations try to stop this, but prime reality eventually falls into chaos.