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Report #: PAR-955318

Type: Potential Anomaly Report

Status: Explained

Filed: 2003/11/12

Summary: Since expansion of the SCP-XX screening program to all Foundation personnel, it has been emitting unusual, yet high-confidence causes of death for some personnel.

Background: SCP-XX is a Thaumiel-class object, which, when provided with a sample of an individual's blood, emits a list of possible causes of death and their corresponding confidence scores. Like all information concerning anomalous predictions of future events, it is held behind a 5/TEMPORAL clearance to avoid potential paradoxes.

In 1997, the Department of Analytics began a program to systemically utilize the object on new D-class personnel. Based on studies of the data, they recommended a number of changes to containment, testing, and personnel procedure, which have since resulted in a 78% decrease in D-class mortality. In 2003, the program was expanded to all Foundation personnel.

Description: As large numbers of personnel (C-class and higher) began to be processed using SCP-XX, causes of death have been noted to be divergent from expected actuarial outcomes. Below are selections of death reports typical of PAR-955318:

Personnel ID: B-39803

Name: Jeremy Hidgens

Assigned To: RAISA

Cause Confidence
Heat death of the Universe 83%
Motorcycle accident 7%
Coagulopathy 2%

Personnel ID: C-75191

Name: Sarah Cairns

Assigned To: Medical Department

Cause Confidence
Heat death of the Universe 99%
Heat stroke 3%

Personnel ID: A-13227

Name: █████ ███████

Assigned To: Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand")

Cause Confidence
Heat death of the Universe 98%
Unknown 1%

Investigation into entropic-related anomalies has not discovered any abnormalities which could explain these reports. The metaphysical ballast system utilized by SCP-XX is believed to be fully functional and operating correctly.

Update (2003/11/20): The Department of Temporal Anomalies is ordered to suspend use of SCP-XX pending a reevaluation of its anomalous mechanisms and possible effects on human health.

Update (2003/12/04): The Department of Analytics conducted a "wide net" full anomaly correlation search. While some results did not have enough data to draw a confident conclusion, there were no suitable candidates for anomalous perturbation.

Update (2004/02/06): After a full investigation, the Department of Temporal Anomalies found no abnormalities in SCP-XX that indicate inaccuracy or possible use risk.

Update (2004/04/03): An experiment is authorized to attempt to forcibly verify SCP-XX's abilities through intervention. A number of D-class personnel were requisitioned to be terminated, in attempt to force SCP-XX's predictions to be inaccurate.

Experiment 955318-1
Subject: D-75163

Predicted Causes of Death:

  • Food Poisoning (79%)
  • Lung Failure (14%)

Current Protection Protocol: D-75163 is given a carefully measured nutrient mix in lieu of standard meals, and is inspected weekly for respiratory system health.

Procedure: D-75163 was strapped in and administered a lethal dose of cyanide.

Results: Medical personnel fail to penetrate a vein following several attempts, and the experiment is postponed until the next day. Three hours later, an unexpected breach of SCP-███ results in D-75163's lung being punctured, resulting in death.

Experiment 955318-2
Subject: D-94406

Predicted Causes of Death:

  • Cardiac Arrest (75%)

Current Protection Protocol: D-99406 is required to exercise regularly and inspected monthly.

Procedure: D-99406 was strapped in and administered a lethal dose of cyanide.

Results: Panic resulting from the injection of the needle resulted in D-99406 experiencing a fatal heart attack. It is later determined that D-99406 suffered from extreme trypanophobia (fear of medical needles).

Experiment 955318-3
Subject: D-67375

Predicted Causes of Death:

  • Helicopter crash (29%)
  • Internal bleeding (20%)
  • SCP-682 (19%)

Current Protection Protocol: D-67375 is placed on SCP-682's interaction blacklist, and disallowed from traveling via helicopter.

Procedure: D-67375 was bound, and a security officer engaged the subject in the head using their firearm.

Results: D-67375 does not instantly expire. They remain conscious but unintelligble for five minutes, before eventually expiring due to lack of blood.

Experiment 955318-4
Subject: D-31650

Predicted Causes of Death:

  • Heat death of the universe (87%)
  • Unknown (5%)

Current Protection Protocol: N/A

Procedure: D-31650 was strapped in and administered a lethal dose of cyanide.

Results: D-31650 expired.

Conclusion: Outcomes are sufficiently within SCP-XX's listed predictions to be considered statistically accurate.

Update (2007/05/10): After extensive debate, the SCP-XX screening program is reinstated. Any individuals with unusual predictions are treated as if the cause of death is unknown. PAR-955318 was designated as Inactive.

Update (2016/02/01): The incidence rate of unusual predictions has increased. 51% of newly hired individuals are given death reasons of "heat death of the universe".

Update (2019/10/07): The incidence rate of unusual predictions has increased to 87%.

Update (2020/08/29): The incidence rate of unusual predictions has increased to 99%.

Final Update (2020/09/12): Due to the ongoing ΩK-Class ("End of Death") scenario, PAR-955318 has been redesignated as Explained.

SCP-XX will continue to be monitored for any unusual causes of death (that is, any outcome which is not "heat death of the universe").