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Item #: SCP-XXXX


Picture of SCP-XX taken during initial inspection.

Special Containment Procedures: Apartment 4C of 328 West ██th Street, New York, NY (designated Provisional Site-XX) has been acquired by the Foundation via eminent domain. An automated electro-thaumic turret system has been installed and LONGSHOT.aic has been tasked with neutralization of all SCP-XX-1 instances.

Should LONGSHOT.aic lose connectivity or determine it cannot terminate an entity, Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") is to be dispatched to Provisional Site-XX.

Description: SCP-XX is a Parvus-class spatial distortion, located within the bathroom of what is now Provisional Site-XX. Periodically autonomous entities (designated SCP-XX-1) will emerge, achieving locomotion through unknown means. These instances are composed of disordered collections of soap, dirty towels, toilet paper, plastic spray bottles, or other items commonly found in bathrooms.

SCP-XX-1 entities attempt to reorganize or clean the nearby area, albeit clumsily as they typically lack limbs or opposable thumbs, before moving on to other locations. Following significant structural damage, instances dematerialize.

Discovery: On 2022/01/09, Ted Normand called a police non-emergency number to report haunting within his residence. The call was forwarded to the Site-28 public tip line, which sent a marked patrol car. Investigation of the building ruled out spectral infestation, and following multiple manifestations of SCP-XX-1, the anomaly was determined to be locational. After this, Normand expressed reluctance to permit containment of what they considered to be a harmless anomaly.

Addendum XX-1: History of Related Events

Date Description
2022/01/09 Ted and Lisa Normand are offered a hotel while initial containment operatives attempt to neutralize SCP-XX.1
2022/01/12 No progress is made towards diminishing anomalous properties. Site-28 offers to compensate the Normands for relocation.
2022/01/13 Offer is rejected. The Department of Public Affairs applies to seize the apartment.
2022/01/17 Application processed, court date set for 2022/02/03.
2022/01/18 Turret system is installed to more easily neutralize SCP-XX-1 instances.
2022/01/18 Ted Normand files a formal complaint with the NYC Department of Anomalies.
2022/01/20 Assistant Public Liaison Greene gives a follow-up offer in person. Offer is rejected.
2022/01/22 LONGSHOT.aic is configured to operate the turret array. On-site agents are recalled.
2022/01/25 Other tenants in the building complain of excessive noise. Conventional weaponry replaced with a silent thaumic device.
2022/02/03 Court grants eminent domain request, property officially transferred to the Foundation as Provisional Site-XX. Ted and Lisa Normand are paid 683,000 USD as compensation.
2022/02/03 SCP-XX is considered contained.
2022/02/06 NYC Department of Anomalies dismisses Normand's complaint, citing the prior court decision.
2022/02/09 First containment audit reports SCP-XX that has caused 0 deaths and 0 injuries.
2022/02/18 Ted and Lisa Normand file suit in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, alleging that the Foundation has violated the Paranormal Protection Act.2 The Foundation Legal Department considers the case to be low-risk.
2022/03/05 Foundation motion to dismiss the Normand suit is rejected. The case is set to be heard on 2022/05/06.
2022/03/11 The Classification Committee approves SCP-XX's object class of Euclid.
2022/04/18 In an unexpected decision, the US Federal Appeals Court for the Seventh Circuit overturns the lower court's decision in Lee vs. Global Occult Coalition.3
2022/05/02 Ted Normand appears on 60 Minutes, detailing their experiences with containment of SCP-XX. The Department of Public Relations finds reception to be minimal, though slightly sympathetic towards Normand.
2022/05/06 Initial arguments for Normand vs. SCP Foundation are heard in court. The Foundation Legal Department raises internal concerns over precedent set in Lee vs. Global Occult Coalition.
2022/05/09 Second containment audit reports SCP-XX that has caused 0 deaths and 0 injuries.
2022/06/17 The US Supreme Court issues a writ of certiorari to hear Lee vs. Global Occult Coalition. Several federal cases are consolidated, including Normand vs. SCP Foundation. Initial arguments set for 2022/08/08.
2022/06/19 A joint GOC-Foundation legal defense team is created. Foundation attorneys assign a high likelihood the court will rule in favor of the plaintiff's Fourth Amendment complaints.
2022/07/10 Information regarding the Atreus Protocol is leaked to the press.
2022/07/10 O5-9 issues a moratorium to the Department of Public Relations regarding recent news activity. Work on alternate press strategies begin.
2022/07/11 Anti-Foundation/GOC protests erupt across the United States.

As of 2022/07/15, organized public opposition is ongoing. The Overseer Council has designated legal defense preparation as a Level-5 priority.