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Item #: SCP-4XXX


Intersection near SCP-XX's residence.

Special Containment Procedures: A metaphysical humanoid containment chamber within Site-28 has been prepared for SCP-XX. Personnel are to detain the anomaly and transfer it to this cell. However, to date no attempt has been successful.

Description: SCP-XX is a humanoid entity, identified as John Gohar (36) of Brooklyn, New York. It is capable of subverting narrative lines through unknown means, which it utilizes to evade capture and generally maintain its quality of life. Intelligence regarding its schedule, family, employment, and psychological weaknesses are known to both the Foundation and Global Occult Coalition, however utilizing said information to attempt containment or neutralization has resulted in significant logistical difficulties.

Discovery: A report of a miraculous recovery at Long Island College Hospital prompted a routine inspection for possible anomalous activity. Agents reviewing Gohar's medical information identified several discrepancies, which, upon further investigation, were determined to be due to a series of extremely unlikely coincidences.

SCP-XX's anomalous properties were confirmed when agents began utilizing active surveillance measures, which all ended in failure (see below).

Addendum XX-2: Summary of SCP-XX incidents

Incident XX-1

Agent Petteri and Agent Chen approached SCP-XX's residence in their guise as NYPD officers. The subject answered the door, but was apprehensive about their presence.

The agents then proceeded to ask standard field questions regarding unusual activity. However, interrogation was ended when it was discovered that they were actually speaking to the subject's neighbor.

Incident XX-2

Agent Woolworth approached SCP-XX while it was feeding pigeons at a nearby park. They expressed concern over potential criminal activity of which the subject may be a victim to.

Questioning proceeded as expected until Woolworth suggested they were a believer in mysticism. The subject was initially cooperative, however when questioning suggestive of SCP-XX's believed anomalous abilities were brought up, a civilian informed the agent that he had been speaking to an empty bench.1

Incident XX-7

Agent Mack embedded themselves within Chase Bank (SCP-XX's employer) and accessed reports pertinent to their employment there. They located a recording from a security camera, which Agent Mack claimed to portray the subject accidentally engaging in an embarrassing activity.

However, despite numerous attempts to copy the file to Foundation servers, information regarding it was unable to be successfully conveyed. A later investigation failed to locate the footage in question.

Incident XX-9

While at work, Agent Mack attempted to strike up a conversation with SCP-XX. They eventually directed the conversation to encounters with law enforcement, which prompted the subject to admit contact with "men in black".2 Mack attempted to inquire about these encounters, however the conversation turned to poking fun at conspiracy theories instead.


Having established rapport with the subject, Mack manipulated their boss to have them work more closely in the future.

Incident XX-18

After several encounters with SCP-XX, Agent Mack convinced the subject to invite her to its residence. (todo)

Incident XX-19

Foundation agents attempted to apprehend SCP-XX at their residence while they were asleep. Agent Wilkins tripped while deploying a smoke grenade, and became unconscious on impact with the wall. Other agents approaching the subject's bedroom were inhibited due to an unknown anomalous effect.

SCP-XX exited its bedroom, and engaged the agents. Despite the difference in the level of armament and numbers, the subject was able to expel Agents Katla and Jones from its residence, and caused Wilkins to trip. Memetic and paralytic countermeasures were activated, however they did not affect the subject.

The agents attempted to retreat, however all of them discovered they had never successfully breached SCP-XX's residence. Injured personnel were remanded to the Site-28 medical ward.

Addendum XX-2: Joint efforts with the Global Occult Coalition



Following repeated failed attempts to contain SCP-XX and leads regarding similar GOC activity, a liaison met with the Containment Lead.

Addendum XX-3: Incident XX-58

SCP-XX approached Site-28 unarmed and surrendered itself to security personnel. However, it was unable to be escorted to its containment chamber, as a contingent of MTF-Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") appeared to take the subject to Site-01 for its promotion to the Overseer Council.

File reclassification pending.