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Item#: 4XXX
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Agent Tennison performing SCP-XX-?

Special Containment Procedures: Information about SCP-XX is kept in standard-access site databases and distributed in Level-1 onboarding documentation. All Foundation agents must show proficiency in SCP-XX use prior to graduation.

All Foundation personnel are to be embedded with a NECAT-class memetic trigger upon recruitment.

Description: SCP-XX refers to a class of kinetoglyphs developed for field use by the Department of Kinetography.

The component actions are listed below:

Designation Effects Actions
SCP-XX-1 Creates a minor memetic shock. Used to stun civilians. Snapping with the ring finger against the palm at a specific angle.
SCP-XX-2 Disables nearby cameras and recording devices. Smacks butt of Foundation firearm into opposing hand. Thaumaturgic rune K-94EJ must be present on the weapon.
SCP-XX-? Creates a small flame at the target area. Initially produces minimal smoke and will attempt to auto-extinguish after 30 minutes. Quickly sliding the subject's index and middle fingers in their cupped other hand, pointing at the target area.
SCP-XX-? Renders the nearby area antimemetically shielded to civilians, and creates a Type-III psychobeacon for 60 hours. Performed automatically by memetic agent NECAT on subject's expiration.