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This file is in the process of being rewritten.
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Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Files uploaded to the IntSCPFN1 are to be scanned for SCP-XX infestations. If a file is flagged, it is to be sent to RAISA for restructuring.

Description: SCP-XX refers to the spontaneous appearance of memetic agents within SCP files, exploration logs, and [REDACTED]. It is unknown if SCP-XX can appear in written media. When viewed by a human subject, the manifestation appears illegible or inscrutable, resulting in the brain perceiving the area as encumbered in some justifiable way.

Computer analysis suggests the affected regions are byte sequences which do not correspond to printable characters. It is hypothesized that the otherwise non-anomalous data that makes up SCP-XX gains its memetic properties through an error in IntSCPFN display hardware, anomalous contamination from infohazardous anomalies contained in the database, or [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further study of its electronic and memetic properties is underway.

SCP-XX was originally discovered by Researcher Chen while reviewing filings from recently-hired junior researchers. After struggling with what they believed to be an uncleanable dirty screen, they sent copies of the files to a colleague. When said individual claimed they lacked sufficient clearance, Chen filed an issue with RAISA. Following an investigation, a total of 41,562 documents were found to be affected, including:

  • SCP-2304
  • SCP-4447
  • Amnestic Use Manual
  • Guide to Auditory Cognitohazards, Volume III
  • SCP-███
  • SCP-████

Following a textual analysis, it is currently believed that SCP-XX-J appears at the end of lists.