Meat Monsters

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This file was recently reclassified. The item number has been automatically updated, but its contents are being rewritten to reflect new discoveries about the object's properties.

2/3240-EX LEVEL 2/3240-EX
Item #: SCP-3240-EX


Sinclair Meat Processing Plant, Monterey, Virginia

Special Containment Procedures: Sinclair Meat Processing Plant has been closed under the guise of health and safety code violations. Keter-grade paneling is to be installed to cover any new openings within the primary containment area.

Any SCP-3240-EX material found outside the quarantine zone is to be cauterized and reintroduced. Human remains which have not been consumed by SCP-3240-EX are to be recovered and amnesticized.

Description: SCP-3240-EX is a collection of opaque, animate masses of biological tissue of unknown composition. They are amorphous, and vary greatly in appearance and consistency, though generally has the coloration and smell of rotting flesh. The tissue is generally moist, and is very cohesive: material adheres to the remainder unless forcibly separated. When contact is established with another entity, the two clump together to form a larger mass. However, this process also results in the development of large cysts containing a thick pus, which explode on contact with metal. The reason for this is unknown.

The anomaly has been known to split into twenty or more masses, which separate as they move throughout the facility and reform when meeting again, generally in large areas. Instances of SCP-3240-EX will roam around and attempt to make contact with other biological tissue. When contact is made, the exterior reconfigures itself to fold inwards, creating a localized suction effect which pulls the material inside itself.

Discovery: An inspector from the United States Department of Agriculture was dispatched to the location for a routine check, but failed to report back and was declared missing 48 hours later. A follow-up police investigation found that other plant employees had likewise been missing for some time, with alleged threats of extortion to cover up the disappearances. The civilians were declared irreparable in absentia.

A liaison within the USDA noted potential anomalous activity from both police reports and hearsay and reached out to the Foundation. All involved civilians were questioned and amnesticized, and an exploratory mission was organized.

Addendum 3240-EX-1: Exploration Log

Addendum 3240-EX-2: Interview Log

Addendum 3240-EX-3: File Update