Oracle Machine

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Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XX is maintained TEMPEST-certified1 chamber within Site-11's maximum security wing. All queries must be approved by two Level-5 RAISA officers.

Description: SCP-XX is an Oracle machine. When fed an input, it produces a response of "yes", "no", or "indeterminate", depending on the truth value of the statement.2 The object is capable of producing accurate answers, even if the problem is undecidable.

Following several months of extensive debate, the Overseer Council approved the SCP-XX for the purposes of both esoteric research into the nature of the anomalous and as an emergency source of information. On 2018/07/01, a carefully-worded edit was made to SCP-001, bringing SCP-XX into existence. The change was reverted immediately afterwards.

Since its creation, SCP-XX has been utilized in █,███ different projects, saving at least 4,000 lives from improved containment protocols, and has assisted in several notable discoveries now published in Foundation journals.

Addendum XX-1: Falsifiability Controversy

Senior Researcher Chen asked if SCP-XX would always produce valid answers. It responded "indeterminate".