PISC Orientation

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Judge Jervey, take a seat. Yes, you're right. I'm not the Chief Judge, and you're not actually being disciplined. Sorry for the mistruths, but it's standard for your new job.

You are now a judge on the United States' Paranormal Incidents and Sentencing Court.

I know that's a lot to take in. This is merely the initial orientation: you'll receive training before you start judging any actual cases. But in most respects it's just like your old gig at the District Court. Except instead of standard constitutional law you'll be judging occult law.

Judge, this isn't a joke, or a prank. The paranormal exists, it is prevalent, and it is dangerous. A long time ago, the United States decided it needed to keep it needed to maintain the Rationalist approach to the world in order to promote democracy and protect the public peace. By concealing the anomalous we can prevent the good citizens of this country from fearing the unknown.

Here, take this playing card. Yes. Now shake it. Yep, those are regular earthworms which appear when you shake it. No idea why it happens. Uh, here let's clean that up for you.

Obviously that's a toy example, but I hope you believe me now.

The world is filled with unusual and unexplicable phenomena, and we are here to make sure things continue to make sense. As part of the judicial branch we don't actually collect these items. There is a branch of the FBI which deals with occult matters, as well as a UN agency and another you'll soon become acquainted with. Don't worry, you'll be briefed on all the organizations of interest.

The inanimate objects aren't a big deal. Where things are much more difficult is when people are involved. Some people are anomalous, yes, including US citizens. Given the enormity of the task, we cannot review every individual's case. In some cases, international law prevents us from interfering at all.

Your job will be to judge cases involving cases involving the US government and the occult. This sometimes means sentencing individuals for possessing anomalous traits or belongings. Sometimes it means resolving a dispute between an organization and a government agency. Rarely, the Supreme Court will get involved and take a case from us and review it themselves.

Calm down, this isn't some rodeo operation. I know how separation of pow—look, the Senate Committee on Occult Affairs approved your appointment last night. I know this is an adjustment, a deviation from the way you're used to imagining them done. It's hard. But in a world where we face different doomsdays every few years, maintaining our values and keeping humanity alive is a difficult balancing act.

Uh, there's a PISC-approved therapist you can meet. I'll introduce you tomorrow.

The nature of your new job means total secrecy. Nobody aside from your new colleagues may know that the disciplinary hearing was a cover, or that the paranormal even exists, in addition to existing duties regarding confidentiality. We are given temporary clearances for the cases we review, and almost all information is restricted, even from other PISC judges. Though I wouldn't worry too much about it, for myself at least, I like indulging in some memory loss down at a bar after work, heh.

I think you'll find one spot of hope though, Judge. At least you can tell your wife what you do at work. You probably haven't given it much thought, but you don't actually know what she does all day, do you? Yes, she's some kind of architect, but you'll find she doesn't actually work for "Specialized Corporate Properties". Ask her about it, her superiors have notified her of your promotion. Good day.