Pizarro Part II

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Basically: non-anomalous disease that we have no immunities for, and causes a massive plague

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Animation of SCP-2166-EX-3's chemical structure.

Item #: SCP-2166-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Lifted-Veil protocol is active. An international quarantine is in effect, and all commerce or travel is prohibited, except on order by the O5 Council or GOC High Command. Sites containing samples of SCP-2166-EX for study are to observe Class-XII extreme biological hazard protocols at all times. Inoculation efforts for SCP-2166-EX-3 are to continue, research on cures for SCP-2166-EX-1 and -2 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-2166-EX is the corpse of a Hispanic female wearing an unknown prison uniform, recovered from SCP-[HOLE]. Based on the recovered document (their universe's equivalent of the SCP-[HOLE] file) and dormant nanotechnology embedded in SCP-2166-EX's skin, the origin society of the object is far more technologically advanced than baseline reality. While the use of anomalies by said society is unknown, no part of SCP-2166-EX is presently known to be anomalous. The prohibition of intervention in non-anomalous matters has been rescinded by special order O5-2166-X4. todo