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Item #: SCP-4XXX


Rot, a non-anomalous consequence of SCP-XX.

Special Containment Procedures: All departments are to develop new areas of academic pursuit, engage in interesting or novel activities, and document interpersonal interactions. The Foundation will continue to found new sites to study locations, phenomena, or initiate research. Other activities to contain SCP-XX must likewise be in accordance with Continuity Protocol.

Efforts to more precisely determine SCP-XX's value and effects are ongoing. Any newly verified properties are to be reported immediately.

Description: SCP-XX is an anomalous universal constant, whose value, regardless of frame of reference, decreases when measured. As of 24 Dec 2021 23:30, the following properties of SCP-XX have been mathematically proven:

  • It is a positive real number.
  • Presently, it is greater than 279 and less than 7.1 × 109.
  • Many universal phenomena are tied to changes in its value.
  • The strength of its effects increase exponentially as it approaches zero.
  • A value of zero is synonymous with a ZK-class "reality failure" scenario.

The date when SCP-XX will reach zero is not presently known.

Due to SCP-XX's essential nature within all presently known laws of physics and paranormal interactions, a full catalogue of its consequences is not possible. Below is an abbreviated list of studied SCP-XX effects:

Phenomenon Description of effect
Entropy In areas with stable Hume levels, all non-anomalous interactions occur in ways that increase the total entropy of the universe. Perfectly efficient exchanges of matter and energy are not possible.
Hume Decay Manipulations of spacetime always cause the amortized reality level to decrease. Therefore, any fully-isolated ontokinetic entity would eventually cause local reality failure from its abilities.
Extradimensional Corrosion The creation and use of portals results in a deteriorative effect on all exouniversal passageways, eventually causing them to collapse. As such, it is not possible to indefinitely replenish the prime universe's supplies of matter or energy.
Kejel's Law of Ectoentropic Anomalies Empirically, it has been observed that all anomalies capable of producing new material all tend towards neutralization. The first record of this phenomenon occurred when SCP-447 was observed producing 0.8% less material than during its initial containment. Since tracking began, 319 similar objects have lost their anomalous properties, with 1,406 more projected to within a decade.
Narrative Decohesion A tentative hypothesis from the Pataphysics Department suggests that narrative constructs experience degradation over time. Further research is ongoing.

Addendum XX-1: Continuity Protocol

A report was issued by the Pataphysics Department recommending changes to documentation and other management of internal affairs. It also flagged several departments and containment projects in imminent danger of dissolution from SCP-XX.1 As there are no known ways to neutralize SCP-XX, the Continuity Protocol was implemented to delay it.