Stanford Prison Experiment

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REDO this thing as something more subtle and tied to the US prison system

Item #: SCP-XX

Anomaly Class: Keter

Threat Level: ‚óŹ Green

Special Containment Procedures: TODO
(limited socialization/isolated due to intelligence)

Description: SCP-XX-1 instances are sapient biological entities, with a height typically in the 1-2.5 meter range. They possess numerous organs similar in appearance and function to other mammals, such as fleshy ears which enable perception of sound, adipose mammary tissue, and light body hair throughout.1 These organisms are humanoid in overall shape, however their form is frequently obscured by accessories the instances attach to themselves. Instances are frequently reticent to permit further inspection; restraints are generally necessary to perform medical examinations. SCP-XX-1 entities are capable of speech, and generally know one or more non-anomalous human languages from the area of their recovery.

Testing of SCP-XX-1's properties has determined that any individual with sufficient knowledge of the SCP Foundation's core goals and operating principles can recognize SCP-XX-1 as anomalous. After several months in containment, instances generally have enough knowledge of the Foundation to recognize themselves as anomalous. Generally this results in the instance becoming accepting of their situation.

SCP-XX is an anomalous manifestation of clouds less than half a meter from ground level. Any human civilians with no knowledge of the anomalous who make contact with SCP-XX are rapidly transformed into SCP-XX-1 instances. It is for this reason that most instances superficially resemble non-anomalous members of the species homo sapiens sapiens.

Addendum XX-1: Cross-Testing

TODO: instances gore-ly destroyed in needless testing

Addendum XX-2: Recovery Statistics

Since its initial manifestation in 1935, the number of appearances of SCP-XX have significantly increased, raising containment costs of SCP-XX. From 1938 to 1945, all instances recovered in a month beyond 20 were neutralized and incinerated. Destructive testing with instances has provided limited scientific insight but has reduced storage costs by a nontrivial amount.

Decade Quantity
1930-1939 811
1940-1949 1,010
1950-1959 1,192
1960-1969 1,543
1970-1979 2,937
1980-1989 4,604
1990-1999 7,498
2000-2009 12,495

Following extensive crosstesting, it became evident that despite the anomalous nature of SCP-XX-1, instances had few unexpected interactions with other anomalous objects, and were similar enough to baseline humans to reduce the need for volunteer testing. Beginning in 1957, a series of policy changes were implemented to take advantage of the ready source of human-like subjects.

Date Policy Change
1957/02/20 Cooperative SCP-XX-1 instances were granted limited socialization privileges with other instances.
1957/11/08 Surplus SCP-XX-1 instances were sent to various sites for containment and destructive testing. Neutralization thresholds were increased.
1958/04/10 Socialization privileges extended, SCP-XX-1 instances may eat at the canteen during time blocks when no other staff (other than security) are present.
1958/09/19 Limited contact between B- and C-class personnel and SCP-XX-1 instances permitted. Limited infliction of bodily harm permitted for entertainment or stress relief.
1959/03/15 Project Servus was implemented. See below.

On 1959/03/02 the O5 Council approved Project Servus, a wholesale modification to how SCP-XX was contained. All SCP-XX-1 instances were given Foundation identification numbers and instructed in basic containment protocols. A lower tier of employee was created, designated as D-class. These non-human personnel could be used in situations where loss of human life was deemed likely, or in situations where a disposable human was needed but without the same ethical consequences (as SCP-XX-1 instances are merely anomalous objects). The RAISA IAS2 would be modified to produce identification for SCP-XX-1 instances, as they lacked acceptable names.

Memetic agent LOYAL SERVANT branded onto D-class personnel, causing perception as baseline humans. Countermemes would be administered to any personnel with 5/XX clearance, all others working with SCP-XX have been given internal covery story CS-XX "prison recruitment".