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The abandoned 91st Street station, current location of SCP-XX-1.

Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When not carrying passengers, SCP-XX is held in place at SCP-XX-1 by use of M-Coloumb thaumic wards. Once daily, fifty trained D-class personnel are to ride SCP-XX. Personnel may not speak and must completely ignore SCP-XX-2 or any resultant fatalities. Books, portable music players and noise-cancelling headphones are available for use upon request.

Following the event, SCP-XX is to be re-secured. If it has travelled to a station other SCP-XX-1, Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") is responsible for limiting SCP-XX's presence in public stations, and modifying footage and amnesticizing civilians as necessary when breaches occur.

Protocol 898-Capisso is currently in use to acquire D-class personnel for SCP-XX.

Description: SCP-XX is a decommissioned subway train for the now-defunct K line. Starting from 1993/12/10, SCP-XX has manifested daily at a current or former New York City subway station (designated SCP-XX-1) and accepted passengers. The train operates autonomously, and travels from SCP-XX-1 for a period of five to twenty minutes.

While the train is in motion, a gray incoporeal humanoid with a missing lower body, designated SCP-XX-2, will manifest in the last car. It will hover throughout the car at an approximately walking pace through the cars, often heckling any passengers by making motions or producing garbled sounds. If any individual acknowledges or reacts to SCP-XX-2, it will decapitate them through unknown means. When SCP-XX-2 arrives at the first car, it will demanifest. Soon after the train will arrive at a station, selecting a nearby station if any deaths occurred, otherwise returning to SCP-XX-1. It is of note that SCP-XX can arrive at a platform even if there is no extant rail connection to SCP-XX-1. Unencumbered, SCP-XX will continue this routine for at least four hours before demanifesting for the day.

If an insufficient number of passengers1 board the train that day, a different station will become the new SCP-XX-1 on its next manifestation.

Addendum XX-1: Containment History and Procedure 898-Capisso

Proposal #: E4-1783432
Object(s) Involved: SCP-XX
Author(s): Dr. Slate
Date: 1993/12/29
Status: Accepted

Problem Statement: The Foundation has had an insufficient stock of D-class due to present tensions with the United States government, which has made the issue of containment of this object quite difficult. SCP-XX has breached containment 24 times, either due to insufficient personnel present during daily rides, or said personnel succumbing to SCP-XX-2. We expect fatalities from SCP-XX will be lower if subjects already familiar with New York transit are used.

Proposed Solution: Site-28 will acquire D-class personnel specifically for the purposes of containing SCP-XX. When stock reaches insufficient levels, MTF Pi-1 is to induce controlled mechanical problems on a randomly-selected train, stopping it in an area between stations. While stopped, agents will recruit approximately one car's worth of civilians. Other individuals on the train will be amnesticized and distributed throughout to prevent suspicion. Families of recruited individuals will be given cover stories consistent with standard bereavement procedures.

Containment Report R-S28-11458
Object: SCP-XX
Date: 1994/02/01

Containment breaches: 19
D-class lost: 39
Civilians amnesticized: 412

Procedure 898-Capisso results:

Times executed: 2
Total production: 31

Sex Quantity
Male 14
Female 17
Age Range Quantity
18-25 5
26-30 10
31-40 7
41-50 5
51-59 4
60+ 0
Race Quantity
European/White 11
Hispanic 3
Black 5
Asian 7
Multiracial/Other 5

Notes: Usage of Procedure 898-Capisso has proven very helpful in replenishing stocks, though gains in containment efficiency have not been realized yet.

Proposal #: G8-1784931
Date: 19YY/02/12
Author(s): Dr. Slate
Status: Approved

Problem Statement: Foundation activities within New York City were inadvertantly revealed to police due to recruitment of two individuals associated with the city government.

Proposed Solution: Background checks are to be executed for all 898-Capisso participants, and those found to have notable positions or significant impact on the community are to be released from duty with an appropriate cover story.

Containment Report R-S28-11710
Object: SCP-XX
Date: 1994/02/16

Containment breaches: 10
D-class lost: 22
Civilians amnesticized: 298

Procedure 898-Capisso results:

Times executed: 5
Total production: 42

Sex Quantity
Male 19
Female 23
Age Range Quantity
18-25 9
26-30 15
31-40 12
41-50 4
51-59 0
60+ 2
Race Quantity
European/White 14
Hispanic 7
Black 10
Asian 7
Multiracial/Other 4

Notes: The number of breaches has nearly halved. Present efforts are focused on psychological enhancement of SCP-XX-detailed D-class personnel to create an effective body. A surplus is finally developing, with more newly recruited individuals being diverted to other projects.

Proposal #: Z3-1820047
Date: 1994/02/27
Author(s): Dr. Slate
Status: Approved

Problem Statement: Given the scale of Procedure 898-Capisso, standard cover stories are proving more difficult to apply. Recruitment of individuals with close family connections to the area or greater socioeconomic standing are growing more suspicious than permissible by public management thresholds.

Proposed Solution: Train selection should be biased to more frequently select locations and times that have lower acquirement costs. Site-28 command believes trains within the borough of Manhattan should be generally avoided. Background screening is to be expanded to exclude executives, small business owners, notable performers or legal professionals due to the increased public impact of their loss.

Containment Report R-S28-12852
Object: SCP-XX
Date: 1994/03/02

Containment breaches: 3
D-class lost: 8
Civilians amnesticized: 89

Procedure 898-Capisso results:

Times executed: 12
Total production: 129

Sex Quantity
Male 72
Female 57
Age Range Quantity
18-25 30
26-30 25
31-40 18
41-50 25
51-59 23
60+ 8
Race Quantity
European/White 43
Hispanic 29
Black 34
Asian 9
Multiracial/Other 14

Notes: Need for civilian amnesticization decreased following "track catch" protocols, wherein MTF Pi-1 will thaumically ward nearby stations believed to be potential next stops in event of a breach.

Proposal #: W2-20816788
Date: 1994/05/20
Author(s): Junior Researcher Mendoza
Status: Denied

Problem Statement: Site-28 and nearby facilities have more than sufficient D-class personnel for its operations. There exists ethical concerns over the use of the procedure, and the immediacy of the need is no longer critical.

Proposed Solution: Use of Procedure 898-Capisso should be limited to only what is necessary for SCP-XX, which at present is approximately 10 individuals a month.

Rejection Reason: The increased amount of D-class has enabled further testing than has been previously possible for our region, and has alleviated the need caused by our present situation. Reducing use of the procedure will only harm containment efforts. - Site Director Westrin

Proposal #: Z7-2090715
Date: 1994/05/14
Author(s): Dr. Slate
Status: Approved

Problem Statement: While breaches are less frequent now, amnestic dispersal when they do occur is still nontrivial.

Proposed Solution: Install J-variety thaumic wards at all 11 nearby stations that SCP-XX has relocated to in event of a breach. These will redirect the object into an unused area of track, limiting the need for extensive coverups.

Containment Report R-S28-14802
Object: SCP-XX
Date: 1994/06/01

Containment breaches: 4
D-class lost: 9
Civilians amnesticized: 17

Procedure 898-Capisso results:

Times executed: 26
Total production: 708

Sex Quantity
Male 386
Female 322
Age Range Quantity
18-25 245
26-30 306
31-40 89
41-50 45
51-59 18
60+ 5
Race Quantity
European/White 79
Hispanic 182
Black 193
Asian 92
Multiracial/Other 162

Notes: Containment of SCP-XX is significantly more consistent, with the resident D-class personnel performing exceptionally well. Application of Procedure 898-Capisso has helped alleviated needs within the New England region.

Proposal #: E9-2104814
Date: 1994/06/18
Author(s): Dr. Slate
Status: Approved

Problem Statement: A large numbers of children are being orphaned or without one parent from Procedure 898-Capisso. At a similar time, various sites are in greater need of testing with lower massed or less experienced subjects.

Proposed Solution: Recruit minors when both of their parents would be taken into Foundation custody.

Containment Report R-S28-19073
Object: SCP-XX
Date: 1994/07/02

Containment breaches: 5
D-class lost: 7
Civilians amnesticized: 24

Procedure 898-Capisso results:

Times executed: 37
Total production: 916

Sex Quantity
Male 467
Female 449
Age Range Quantity
0-17 129
18-25 284
26-30 217
31-40 87
41-50 109
51-59 74
60+ 16
Race Quantity
European/White 84
Hispanic 287
Black 251
Asian 112
Multiracial/Other 182

Proposal #: Z3-2140568
Date: 1995/07/28
Author(s): Site Director Westrin, Dr. Slate
Status: Approved

Problem Statement: Site-28's D-class program has proven to be very productive, with a number of containment breaches proactively prevented through use of destructive testing. Regional sites and areas have had increased ability to explore anomalous occurrences and determine specific properties.

Proposed Solution: Create a series of presentations and talks to highlight the successes of Site-28 and neighboring containment programmes.

Addendum XX-2: Ethics Committee Moratorium
Following the annual Foundation Regional Conference for North America, the Ethics Committee announced an investigation into Site-28's activities.

Ethics Committee Notice

Date: 1995/08/05
To: Site-28
From: Chairwoman Summers, Vice-Chairmen Wendell
Cc: Ethics Committee
Attn: SCP-XX, Procedure 898-Capisso

We have reviewed Site-28's activities and found todo

Effective immediately, Site Director Westrin is suspended and a moratorium has been placed on use of Procedure 898-Capisso. All Site-28 personnel are subject to questioning with regards to their activities. The Committee would like to remind staff that destruction of evidence carries severe penalties.

Two months later, the Ethics Committee invoked Article IV of the Foundation Ethics Policy. The established Convention was tasked with restructuring the Foundation's determination of D-class personnel and sapient anomalies as non-person humans.