Fifthist Self-insert
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0/1829-EX LEVEL 0/1829-EX
Item #: SCP-1829-EX


SCP-1829-EX's collection of TODO. Presently neutralized.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-1829-EX's resistance to amnestics, they have not been cleared for civilian release. Instead, they have been recruited as a low-disposability D-class employee1 with the opportunity to be promoted to C-class.

SCP-1829-EX was stored in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-17. Scranton Reality Anchors or other ontokinetic control devices were not permitted near SCP-1829-EX. The object was permitted standard socialization privileges and access to literature contingent on continued good behavior.

Description: SCP-1829-EX is a male human. Having been exposed to the effects of SCP-████ since birth, the entity had became an instance of SCP-████-A by age 8, gaining Level-3 ontokinetic abilities. However, due to the social structure imposed by other instances, these powers could only be utilized in very specific circumstance.

SCP-1829-EX was recovered following Operation TODO, which culminated in a raid on the group's headquarters. TODO

Addendum 1829-1: Interview Transcripts