Last Week Tonight: Anomalies

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  • broken masquerade tale: "Last Week Tonight: Anomalies" explains in the LWT style about the basic existence of anomalies, and discusses both the good and (very) bad of the SCPF/GOC, and the good and bad of anomalies, ends with CTA of some kind
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Opening music plays along with title animation.

OLIVER: Magic. That thing from all the fairy tales turned out to be real the whole time!

OLIVER: There's been a lot of focus the last two weeks on the revelations that on not only the existence of the paranormal, but the existence of a large, concerted effort to keep it hidden from the general public. The news has been an absolute flurry of reports, official statements, and wild rumors. While we simply don't have the time to cover all of it, TODO.


OLIVER: So first, what is an anomaly? According to the United Nations 1945 Resolution on the Maintenance of the Paranormal, an anomaly is "any person, creature, object, or phenomena which behaves in violation of natural law". The events in Korea were obviously an example of this, but it also includes flying goats and TODO