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List of Ideas: (non-exhaustive)

  • cognitohazard, normally-sweet messages sent in disturbing context
  • tale about college kid body snatched, the experience of being disembodied, ending with "…" and finally "I hear music". Link to til-death and 4322
  • infection which also carries a memetic effect, making them less trusting of medicine and more trusting of home remedies which further spread the effect. maybe fifthist tie-in?
  • secondary cognitohazard, it doesn't affect the primary observer, but those who observe them are effected. bypasses the foundation's coghaz protocols. report written by D-class
  • (omega-k) MC&D format about aethereal bullets which induce lethargy in targets (since you can't kill them)
  • Life Sentence without Parole: How the normal world adjusts to Omega-K: prison and justice system edition.
  • combining gnostics with class-H amnestics and application of the scip, provides resistance to memes and coghaz, but at the expense of making them adhere strictly to a very rigid and unchangeable view. convincing the person otherwise, for even very minor, obvious things is impossible
  • scip about inceldom as a memetic infection (maybe fifthist?). reference green from 4838
  • "The Stanford Prison Experiment" - scip conceptually changes random humans without prior anomaly experience, they are contained as such. as the population of scp-xx-1 instances increase, they eventually create d-class
  • -J article about the "Daveite" civilization, a country ruled by one "Dave"
  • class-z mnestics in omega-k
  • biblical angel: not some winged humanoid, but an incomprehensible being of pure directed force
  • classified minutes from the house committee on occult affairs (oversees the FBI Unusual Incidents Unit, the Pentagram, laws about anomalous entities and individuals, and the PISC (Paranormal Incident Sentencing Court, secret court that deals with anomalous crimes, references to FISC))
  • international schisms where something is considered explained in europe but anomalous in the united states or vice eversa
  • metrocard that enables connection to the NY subway and the origin of MTF-Pi-1 "The One Complete Circle"
  • contractual libertarian world/interactions
  • chaos insurgency origin scip: the descriptions of the foundation in its documents inadvertently created a second, nearly identical fictional foundation. this foundation's pataphysicists realized it was secondarily fictional, and has launched a campaign to affect the higher-level foundation for their own benefit. this has been covered up as the insurgency. eventually they are defeated using some cool pataphysics locking shit, and they recover the meta-transveral technology. it ends with an implication that they want to use it to influence our reality for their benefit
  • tale about an ex-fifthist
  • fifthist scip about the Sex Cycle
  • (BYU-SA) Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life as the origin of mnestic drugs, specifically, the "delightsome" fruit of the tree. they set up their offices in the great and spacious building, and set up a laser array around the tree to prevent unauthorized consumption of fruit. the iron rod connects the opening to the tree, those who fall away find themselves either in the building or lost on other paths, which the foundation interprets as meaning only very loyal personnel are able to access the building. the building has no foundation, and so they install a reimannian (sp) spatial bridge.