A Three Hour Tour
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Item#: 3931
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
USCAPL-Site-15 Vincent Szarabajka Erik Jespersen MTF ϑ-5

Theta-5 technicians performing maintenance on a SOLUS buoy.


SCP-3931 containment area.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3931 is currently monitored by the SOLUS net, a ring of automated sensor buoys which track activity on and around the island. SOLUS buoys are outfitted with Caldmann counters and Brunning-Kant cameras, as well as standard radar, sonar, and visual feeds. Maintenance personnel from Mobile Task Force Theta-5 will perform technical checks on the buoy system once every six months, or as otherwise necessary.

The SCPF Benmoulai, a Heritage-class offshore patrol cutter, is assigned to enforce a secondary security perimeter of two kilometers around the anomaly. Its presence is required during designated periods of increased boat traffic around the area, but it may be temporarily assigned to other projects during low-priority intervals, at the discretion of the Site-15 Task Force Operations Director. When not in use, the vessel is kept at Offshore Esoteric Containment Site-213, a provisional facility established on a nearby atoll. OSEC-Site-213 contains housing for a small number of crew and an intelligence center for monitoring SCP-3931. The facility lacks an independent command structure; research and containment fall under the operational purview of Site-15.

Containment Protocol 'Feldman' is to be enacted annually, or at the discretion of the Narrative Supervisor1, currently Senior Researcher Jespersen. Personnel assigned to this protocol must have reviewed Program Summary 3931-98E and completed a Thaumic Situation Training seminar. No personnel should participate in the protocol more than three times unless they are observed to meet or exceed the local Wittmann Threshold.


The coral shoals which surround SCP-3931.

Description: SCP-3931 is a desert island located in international waters of the North Pacific Ocean. The island is approximately sixteen square kilometers, mostly composed of a tropical forest. Although the island was present on satellite imagery prior to Foundation suppression, and is visible from distances up to thirteen kilometers, there is no evidence of historical exploration or habitation.2 The only current inhabitant is SCP-3931-A.

The ecosystem of SCP-3931 is very unusual for its geographical area, including animal species not native to the region (such as Carcharhinus leucas and Pan troglodytes), as well as several similarly incongruous flora species. Most notably, the island is almost completely surrounded by dense coral reefs, which make shore landing dangerous for larger vessels.

SCP-3931-A is an elderly human male, estimated at eighty-four years of age, who claims to have inhabited SCP-3931 for several decades. Analysis of a blood sample taken from SCP-3931-A indicates that he is genetically identical to deceased American comedy actor Robert Osbourne Denver.

Addendum 3931.1 - Discovery and Initial Investigation

Addendum 3931.2 - Incident E-m3931

On 14 March 2019, Director Szarabajka ordered that SCP-3931-A should be transported to Site-15 for containment and questioning. The SCPF Regalis was dispatched to the island, and SCP-3931-A was brought on board with minimal resistance. The vessel departed the island at 11:45 PM GMT, and was expected to arrive at the site within twelve hours. Contact with the Regalis was lost two hours later, and attempts to re-establish radio communications were unsuccessful. Prior to the loss of contact, there had been no indication of distress from the vessel.

After an hour of radio silence, a flyover was requested to assess the situation. The Samuel Enderby6 was deployed to the ship's last known location, and was able to locate and retrieve the vessel's black box data recorder, though no other wreckage or evidence of survivors was visible.


The only known image of E-m3931, uploaded to the black box just before all onboard recorders ceased function.

Analysis of the recovered data found that the atmospheric conditions around the Regalis had changed rapidly, including a drastic rise in temperature, causing highly localized and violent storm conditions; this event was designated E-m3931. It has not been determined why external weather tracking systems failed to register this event.

The following was recovered from the data recorder of the Regalis, and appears to document the final moments before it sank in the storm. Most of the speakers have been identified.

Addendum 3931.3 - Containment Forum

Internal Audio Recording Transcript

Date: 17.03.2019

Foreword: In the aftermath of Incident E-m3931, Site Director Szarabajka called for a meeting of relevant personnel to discuss the event and determine necessary changes to containment protocols.

In Attendance:

  • Site-15 Director Vincent Szarabajka
  • Site-15 Containment Operations Superintendent Herman Winther
  • Internal Security Captain Vaishnavi Balakrishnan
  • Head of Research & Containment Erik Jespersen
  • Occult Research Division Special Agent Kane Farber

HRC Jespersen: Thank you all for being here. I wish the circumstances were better, but I remain optimistic about our containment and security moving forward.

Capt. Balakrishnan: Optimistic. Forgive me if I'm not convinced, but I just lost a dozen good men and a perfectly good ship because of your optimism.

Dir. Szarabajka: We aren't here to throw blame and point fingers, Captain. We're here to figure out what happened, why it happened, and how we can keep it from happening again. I gave the order to detain 3931-A. If you have a problem, you take it up with me. (to the HRC) Continue, Mr. Jespersen.

HRC Jespersen: Thank you, Director. And, Captain, I'm truly sorry about the loss we all suffered this week. It seems to me that we grossly underestimated a threat, and I'm hoping to never make such a mistake again. That's why I brought in help. This is Special Agent Farber, from the ORD.

SA Farber: Good morning. Thank you for having me.

Supt. Winther: An occult specialist?

HRC Jespersen: Yes, sir. (sound of shuffling papers) When I was first assigned to SCP-3931, I didn't really know what to make of it. We sent teams to check out filming locations, actors' homes, surviving cast and crew members, we went down the list and didn't find anything. Whatever was going on, it was isolated to the island, and we needed to focus on that rather than Gilligan himself. Thaumatics aren't my area, so I contacted the ORD. Agent Farber got back to me pretty quick.

SA Farber: I've worked in that field for several years; when I looked over the reports, I requested to be brought on board as a containment consultant immediately. I believe that SCP-3931 poses the threat of an HK-class scenario if containment is not handled properly.

Supt. Winther: Deific Subjugation? So you think there's some kind of god involved here?

SA Farber: I'd prefer not to use that term, but in essence, yes. I think there is an entity here which is trying to create its own narrative based on Gilligan's Island. The fluctuating thaumic activity was already a red flag, and the storm striking down on our attempt to disrupt the narrative was the nail in the coffin.