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For containment purposes, all documents pertaining to SCP-XXXX have been declassified at LEVEL ONE - UNRESTRICTED ACCESS. Personnel not directly involved with this anomaly are asked to refrain from reading these files, but there is no penalty for doing so.

Item #: SCP-XXXX Disruption Class: Ekhi
Containment Class: Tiphereth1 Risk Class: Warning


Exterior of Containment Site-Σ.

Special Containment Procedures: All decisions regarding containment of SCP-XXXX are being handled by the Gemini Committee, a forum composed of forty-five randomly selected personnel. All members are to remain anonymous at all times; audiovisual distortion units have been provided in order to eliminate the perception of any characteristics that could create bias or hierarchy. The only identifying markers are personnel designations, which consist of randomly generated alphanumeric codes.

Esoteric Containment Site-Sigma has been established to meet the needs of SCP-XXXX containment and house the Gemini Committee. The site is located on unclaimed territory in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. All site functions are carried out by Committee personnel on a rotating schedule, as ratified in Gemini Resolution 05.02. All Committee personnel will receive identical salaries for their performance of these functions.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an archokinetic phenomenon; an anomaly which is entangled with the concepts of leadership and authority. From approximately 200 BCE to 1983 CE, SCP-XXXX was contained by Group of Interest Y-454E, although the anomaly itself is believed to have existed since at least 3300 BCE.

The exact nature of SCP-XXXX is uncertain, as it is difficult to detect or measure, but it is considered to be sapient, incorporeal, and capable of manipulating electromagnetic fields. Many historical texts refer to it as a '[demon/spirit] of shadows under the light'2. SCP-XXXX can only be effectively contained by an isocracy.3

Addendum XXXX.1 - History of Containment


Artifacts recovered from GoI-Y-454E, which have been dated to the early Eneolithic period.

Based on recovered texts, artifacts, and independent research, it is