Task Force Manifesto: Kähler-1
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SCP Foundation Task Force Manifesto

DTF Kähler-1


Official Designation: Distributed Task Force Kähler-1

Formed: 03-02-1978

Commanding Officer: Colonel Paul Setter

Joint Task Force Kähler-1-Alpha

"Mission Control"

Description: Works in conjunction with Foundation agents from alternate realities.

Stationary Task Force Kähler-1-Beta

"Mission Control"

Description: Oversees the operational safety of the TUCCS at Site-623.

Diplomatic Task Force Kähler-1-Gamma

"Rosen Bridges"

Description: Manages the Trans-Universal Embassy, and keeps records of all local Foundation personnel distributed to other realities.

Stationary Task Force Kähler-1-Delta

"Mission Control"