Up Here Alone
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Item#: XXXX
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Secondary Class:
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
EUROBN-Site-383 Hristofor Dimitris Meirav Speyer DTF BL-12

Exterior of Site-383 and Radio Telescope 383-ס.

Special Containment Procedures: Site-383 has been established in Județul Bistrița-Năsăud, Romania, under the cover story of a European Space Agency facility. This site operates the 383-Samekh Observatory, a radio telescope specifically designed and constructed to monitor SCP-XXXX.

Distributed Task Force Baltimore-12 has been formed to handle SCP-XXXX containment operations, consisting of a Research branch stationed at Site-383 (BL-12-R) and an Orbital branch operating from space station SCPF-117-COHLEO1 (BL-12-O).

The Department of Applied Thaumics is currently collaborating with the Extraterrestrial Projects Division to install Gray-class pneumakinetic seals2 on all manned Foundation spacecraft. Efforts are ongoing to apply these measures within other organizations capable of manned spaceflight, with limited success thus far.3

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous radio signal, measured at 11.3 GHz and originating from the mid-to-upper thermosphere (between 350 and 600 kilometers above sea level). The content of these transmissions usually consists of human voices speaking in various Slavic and Turkic languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakh. These transmissions are believed to be communications from the preserved consciousnesses of all humans who have died above the Kármán line.4 These instances are referred to collectively as SCP-XXXX-1. The mechanism by which this preservation and ability to communicate occurs is currently unknown.

SCP-XXXX was first recorded on July 03, 1971, by the Parkes Observatory in New South Wales, Australia. Embedded agents in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation flagged the recordings as potentially anomalous, and analysis found that they appeared to contain distressed human vocalizations. Cross-referencing with audio records from the Soviet space program5 found a high probability that the voices belonged to Georgy Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov, and Viktor Patsayev, three cosmonauts who had died in an accident during the Soyuz 11 mission four days previously.

Addendum XXXX.1 - Apollo 15 Incident


Colonel Worden attempting an unscheduled EVA during the pneumakinetic event.

On July 26, 1971, while the Foundation was still attempting to determine the nature of SCP-XXXX, the United States launched the Apollo 15 lunar landing mission from the Kennedy Space Center; the mission was crewed by USAF Colonels David R. Scott, Alfred M. Worden, and James B. Irwin.6

Addendum XXXX.2 - Containment Proposals

Proposal ID: XXXXTN4E
Proposed by: Research Assistant T. Neagley

Procedure: Position a network of satellites in low orbit to form a thaumic pattern that will either contain or neutralize SCP-XXXX-1.

Reviewed by: HRC Speyer

Status: Deferred
Comments: Although our thaumic specialists tell me this is likely to be effective, the cost and effort required put it into effect would be hard to justify given the current circumstances of containment. I will have one of my assistants draft an outline for this protocol, and if the threat level rises significantly, we will reconsider taking this action.

Proposal ID: XXXXVM3B
Proposed by: Dr. V. Mandeville

Procedure: Deploy memetic/oneiric agents into the civilian population to induce Beta- and Gamma-Type SCP-2001, as a means of preventing human space travel until a permanent containment or neutralization solution can be found.

Reviewed by: Assistant Containment Director Raven

Status: Denied
Comments: Even if that was reversible— which it most likely isn't— it would be both an unnecessarily drastic measure, and a huge overstep of Thaumiel protocols. I can see where you're coming from, but please take time to review proposals like this before submitting them.

Proposal ID: XXXXEA1N
Proposed by: Special Agent E. Ascaso

Procedure: Transport D-class personnel into Earth orbit (possibly via transport from Area-32) and use thaumic rituals to bind SCP-XXXX-1 into the bodies of the D-class.

Reviewed by: Containment Specialist Karringer

Status: Approved
Comments: See Experiment Log (Addendum XXXX.3).

Proposal ID: XXXXNH2D
Proposed by: Researcher N. Henderson


Reviewed by: HRC Speyer


Proposal ID: XXXXKY0A
Proposed by: Containment Consultant K. Ymeri


Attachment: Ezekiel-class pneumakinetic seal (left) and corresponding logo mockup which incorporates the thaumic effects.

Procedure: Utilize a Foundation front company to manufacture parts for manned spacecraft (i.e. heat shielding) which contain pneumakinetic seals in the design, and manipulate markets to make the parts standard for all major space agencies.

Reviewed by: HRC Speyer

Status: Approved

Addendum XXXX.3 - Test Results

Experiment Log XXXXEA1N.01

Date: ██-██-████
Location: Orbital Station Khonsu


  • Dr. James Macaroth (Supervising Researcher)
  • Special Agent Vincent Zhan (Thaumic Specialist)
  • Colonel Rosdom Azatyan (Security)
  • Colonel Emerson Goddard (Security)
  • D-9623 (Test Subject)
  • D-11384 (Test Subject)
  • D-11686 (Test Subject)

Purpose of Experiment: To examine the nature of SCP-XXXX, and test the feasibility of a long-term thaumic containment solution.

Protocol: Dr. Macaroth, Agent Zhan, and Colonels Azatyan and Goddard were all provided with personal pneumakinetic seals, while the D-class personnel were exposed and restrained. Agent Zhan then broke the thaumic seals on the spacecraft, allowing SCP-XXXX-1 to possess the D-class. The D-class were inscribed with pneumastatic 'binding' sigils via a felt-tip marker, ensuring the instances would remain for questioning.