The Eighth Sea
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Item#: 4931
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
OSWAR-Site-45 Q. L. Zhang Liam Crawford NTF SN-9

Recovered photograph of SCP-4931 near Prince William Sound, circa 1941.

Special Containment Procedures: Naval Task Force Stheno-9 ("Carta Marina") has been assigned to monitor SCP-4931's movements at all times. Three long-range tracking devices have been embedded in the object's hull, and an additional two secured inside the object for redundancy. Should it approach a major exclusion area,1 a Foundation vessel will be dispatched to escort it to a pre-approved alternative destination.

Under the 'Shore Leave' protocol, SCP-4931-1 is allowed to have limited contact with the civilian population, provided that at least two plainclothes agents are present to monitor its actions and initiate on-location lockdown procedures as necessary.


SCP-4931-1 circa 1862.

Description: SCP-4931 is a derelict marine vessel,

SCP-4931-1 is a humanoid identifying as Ephraim Whitelock, a privateer who disappeared during the American Civil War.2 Given physical similarities and detailed accounts of historical events provided by SCP-4931-1, its claim to this identity is generally accepted, though it is unknown how it survived to the present day.