CH-S Facilities Overview
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Interior of CH-SF-13.

CH-S Facilities 01-25 are supplementary sites under the jurisdiction of the Anomalous Children's Center (ACC) Division. The facilities are operated by Foundation cover organization Saint Casimir Preschools, under supervision of STF Beta-5 ("Playground Maintenance").

All CH-SFs are equipped with a standardized Common Humanoid Anomaly Detection/Registration Array (CHANDRA), consisting of Kant counters, optical spectrometers, short-range magnetoencephalography (MEG) imagers, and Steinhardt-Turok counters.

Should an anomalous child be positively identified, staff are to follow the MARS Protocol:

  1. MASK: The facility will be locked down, under the pretense of a standard fire drill or other inconspicuous procedure.
  2. APPREHEND: The child will be detained by special agents and transported directly to Area-CH4 or to a temporary facility for processing and containment.
  3. RETCON: The parents, caretakers, and others who have regular contact with the child in question will be placed on a three-month introjection-presupposition regimen. This consists of hypnotherapy in conjunction with daily injections of a compound amnestic:
    • 20% class-A General Retrograde
    • 45% class-C Targeted Retrograde
    • 15% class-E Ennui Suggestion
    • 5% class-F Malleable Fugue
    • 25% class-G Delegitimization
  4. STUDY: The anomalous properties exhibited by the child will be observed and tested in a controlled environment. In cases where the extranormal effects are not permanent, they are to be treated and the child will be released back to the custody of their parents.1

All facility locations have been selected due to several factors, including (a) demographics and population, (b) birth rate and comparative rates of accidents/fatalities/etc., (c) local reality integrity,2 and (d) statistical history of anomalous activity in the area.