The Dream Mall
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Item#: XXXX
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USNEKP-Site-76 Terrence Bramall Vincent Szarabajka MTF O-ρ

Interior view of the ███████ █████ shopping mall.1

Containment Status: SCP-XXXX is currently uncontained, and no effective containment procedures have been developed. However, in its current state, the anomaly poses a minimal threat to human life and Foundation security; current protocols are to focus on researching the anomaly and mitigating civilian exposure.

Research protocols for SCP-XXXX are as follows:

  • All testing is to be done with either D-class personnel or trained Foundation oneironauts (Task Force Omicron-Rho);

Description: SCP-XXXX describes a complex metaphysical construct which exists in multiple levels of dreamspace. Any human who enters the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep has the potential to experience SCP-XXXX; extensive profile review of those claiming exposure has found no discernible patterns.

Unlike many known oneiric constructs, which require "anchors" in the form of sleeping and dreaming persons in the physical world, SCP-XXXX has no apparent corporeal basis and thus has no known limit to its volume within dreamspace; accounts from those who have experienced it are consistent in describing the space as impossibly vast, if not infinite.2

Addendum XXXX.1 - Statement from Researcher Vincent Szarabajka

Internal Audio Recording Transcript
12:48 GMT ██-██-████
Office of Asst. Containment Director Dameworth - Site-76 Administrative Block


Dameworth: Thank you for coming, Mr. Szarabajka. First off, I want to assure you that you aren't facing any disciplinary actions, so you can relax. I just want you to tell me about the oneiric anomaly you reported yesterday. For the official record.

Szarabajka: Oh– yes, all right. Thank you. (clears throat) Well, the anomaly seems to be an unusual cluster of activity in dreamspace– that's the metaphysical locus that forms human dreams, some call it the oneirosphere– which manifests as a, um, as a mall.

Dameworth: A mall? As in a shopping mall?

Szarabajka: Yes, ma'am, a shopping mall. That's the consensus from all the reports I found.

Dameworth: Okay. Tell me how you found it.

Szarabajka: All right, well, I was reviewing data that we intercepted from the GoI-11s… y'know, the Collective, Oneiroi West, Xiupania. There were a whole bunch of them talking about "The Mall," in uh, title case, like— not just any mall, The Mall. Most of them didn't seem too concerned about it, like uh, like people talking about a new store opening or something. But I managed to pick up a few fragments of conversation from some higher people, Collective diplomats I think, who seemed nervous about the whole thing. I thought it was interesting, so I took notes of everything that was said.

Dameworth: And that's what led you to report it?

Szarabajka: No, I didn't think much of it then and there. It could have been some kind of expansion project from one of the collectives. Just caught my attention is all. I was planning to look at the Tsuneo-Gerthart monitors3 later on, see if there was anything outside the normal parameters.

Dameworth: What did you find?

Szarabajka: Well, I didn't end up checking them straight away. Al– sorry, that's uh, Researcher Allen Lamaison– asked if I wanted to go get lunch. I said sure, so we went, ended up at a table with some other guys from the department. I had my notes on me, and we were talking about work stuff, so I brought up the whole thing with "The Mall." I just wanted to see what they thought about the whole thing, but Al, he was really surprised. He took my notes and read through them, and he said that he had been having dreams just like the ones written there. One of the others… uhh, Zhari, Dr. Azhari Mahmoud, he said he'd seen it too. That's what led me to report it.

Dameworth: I see. So your coworkers, they were… infected?

Szarabajka: (quickly) No, no ma'am. Memetics and such aren't my specialty, but I believe this Mall thing is just a random dream construct. Anyone who dreams could have the chance to encounter it. There's no reason to, uh—

Dameworth: (interjecting) It's all right, calm down. (pause) I'll get a memcog4 team to look over your data, but I think you're right. Tell your colleagues not to worry.

Szarabajka: Thank you, ma'am. I um, I checked the TGs later on, and I have the summary with me here. (sound of shuffling papers) Here, this is a comparison between the dreamspace monitoring reports from the past two years. I put it up against the data from just before and after I first recorded a mention of this "Mall" phenomenon.


Dameworth: Explain these numbers to me. Walk me through it.

Szarabajka: Yes, okay, so, um— the Tsuneo-Gerthart monitors use a network of dreaming D-class subjects to measure activity in dreamspace. These numbers represent relative focus of oneiric activity in terms of either caros or anims, which refer to physical dreaming persons and non-corporeal consciousnesses respectively. Normally, a rise in one marks a fall in the other, or vice versa. The baseline zero just means that a standard number of non-anomalous humans are currently asleep and dreaming.

Dameworth: So… this here is from the past week, right?

Szarabajka: Yes. That's the, the uh… the crux of the anomaly, here. There was a huge spike in As, but without the usual corresponding drop in Cs.

Dameworth: So this Mall phenomenon is non-corporeal, but it's not affecting physical dreamers? What does that mean?

Szarabajka: Honestly, I just don't know. I don't think it's from any of the known GoIs. It could even be some kind of natural phenomenon in metaphysics, like uh, hurricane season or a volcanic eruption. We've only been monitoring dreamspace for a few years, we really don't know a whole lot about it.


Dameworth: Okay. Thank you, Vincent. I'm going to submit your report to Classifications and see if they want to formally initiate research and containment procedures. In the meantime, keep watching this thing. I'm going to recommend you for HRC.5

Szarabajka: I… Oh, thank you, ma'am. Thank you very much. I'll be sure to report any updates to you if, if anything happens.

Dameworth: Thank you. Keep up the good work. You're dismissed.


Closing Statement: After reviewing the information provided by Researcher Szarabajka and Assistant Director Dameworth, the Classifications Committee voted to assign the designation SCP-XXXX and the provisional secondary class Ticonderoga; it was determined that, while effective containment procedures were not apparent, the metaphysical nature of the anomaly meant that containment was not an immediate priority. Additionally, these classifications were enacted with the caveat that the anomaly may be downgraded to Extranormal Event (EE) status based on the findings of further research.

Addendum XXXX.2 - Collected Reports

Note: As an increasing number of personnel have reported SCP-XXXX-related dreams, I have created this section in the database file to compare these reports and determine a common description of the anomaly and its effects. —HRC Szarabajka

Addendum XXXX.3 - Memetic and Cognitive Hazard Report

To: USNEKP-Site-76 Personnel Dir. Dameworth ██-██-████
From: USPAPH-Site-98 Memetics Research Dir. Marqod Subject: Re: XXXX

I had my team look over everything you sent me. They found a few small warning signs, but nothing ultimately came of it. Whatever this phenomenon is, it poses no immediate threat

Addendum XXXX.4 - Experiment Log XXXX/mA

Experimental Procedure Transcript
Project Head: Researcher Vincent Szarabajka
Medical Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Berenson
Assisting Researchers:

  • Allen Lamaison (Metaphysics Specialist)
  • Curtis Mauney (Former Omicron-Rho Auxiliary Staff)
  • Jackson Castellanos (Personnel/Medical)

Subjects: D-10225, D-11424, D-12189, D-12317


Addendum XXXX.5 - Debriefing

Internal Audio Recording Transcript
19:23 GMT ██-██-████
Interview Room A1 - Site-76 Transitional Humanoid Containment Wing