The Dream Mall
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Item#: XXXX
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
USNEKP-Site-76 Vincent Szarabajka Jeanette Henson MTF O-ρ

Electroencephalogram of D-37424 while experiencing SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: No effective containment procedures currently exist for SCP-XXXX; however, due to the metaphysical nature of the anomaly, in its current state it poses a negligible threat to human life and a minimal threat to Veil operations. Current protocols focus on research and exposure mitigation.

The has deployed automated surveillance agent KADATH to monitor oneiric networks and other known GoI-11 communication channels for information regarding SCP-XXXX.

Medical Protocol XXXX-N ("Project Dreamcatcher") is currently being evaluated by the Site-76 Medical Department. D-class populations at Site-19, -81, and -38 are to be screened for

Description: SCP-XXXX is a predatory oneiric construct accessible only through human dreams, which is perceived as a massive, anomalous shopping mall.

The first known record of SCP-XXXX was found during routine monitoring of oneiric Groups of Interest. While reviewing intercepted data from GoI-11-B ("Oneiroi West"), Dr. Sabyrbek Ikayev took note of several mentions of "The Mall" (in title case) and "dream gentrification." Dr. Ikayev took detailed notes of the phenomenon as it was reported by notable Persons of Interest within the OW collective. Later, during a personal conversation with another researcher, Dr. Ikayev mentioned the unusual activity and found that the coworker had experienced similar dreams; after conducting an impromptu interview, Dr. Ikayev reported the phenomenon to the Department of Containment Operations.1

Unlike other known oneiric constructs, which require "anchors" in the form of sleeping and dreaming persons in the physical world, SCP-XXXX has no discernible corporeal basis and thus has no known limit to its volume within dreamspace; accounts from those who have experienced it are consistent in describing the space as impossibly vast, if not infinite.2

Although the experience within SCP-XXXX varies by the individual, several sections of the anomaly have been consistently reported and documented, and are considered the "main" areas of the construct.

Designation Description
The Convention Center An open space estimated at 245,000 square meters, the Convention Center is referred to as such because it is reported as a massive gathering of thousands of people, "like Comic-Con or VancouFur."3 Despite this, all known accounts of this space have shown an uncertainty as to the subject or theme of the convention.
The Food Court Text
The Cinema A large area resembling a movie theater, consistently described as an AMC4 franchise. The theaters are described as massive, with thousands of seats, and have never been reported playing actual films, only advertisements. The number of individual auditoriums within the space is unknown, as they are frequently reported to have a disorienting and maze-like effect.
The University A large educational space, which has a subjective perception effect wherein individuals see it as an amalgamation of educational institutions they historically attended.5