The Dream Mall
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This anomaly is subject to ongoing research and investigation. Please be aware that this file may be undergoing revision at any time and that information presented here may not be fully up-to-date. If you would like to be notified of changes to this document, please fill out the request form here.

Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
USNEKP-Site-76 Scott Blackmore Ardiana Kihlstrom RTF XXXX-☿

An example of SCP-XXXX-A displayed by a D-class research subject.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently uncontained, and has a high probability of escalating into a Class-1 Veil Breakdown scenario. Should this occur, Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") will initiate media suppression tactics and Protocol AEGIS OF MINERVA, involving mass dispersion of compound amnestics which will induce complacency and collective rationalization of events as non-anomalous.1

Research and containment teams for SCP-XXXX have been consolidated into Research Task Force XXXX-Mercury ("Ovid's Editors"), and Sector D5 of Site-76 has been assigned as a dedicated research area. Site Director Blackmore and Department of Metaphysics Director Szczegielniak have granted unilateral access (with provisions) to any resources deemed necessary by the Research Head, mostly consisting of D-class research subjects.

Any personnel who encounter SCP-XXXX are asked to report their experiences to the RTF immediately. This is for research purposes only, and will not result in personal investigation or other consequences.


An Omicron-Rho agent during a failed attempt at a lucid-entry SCP-XXXX dream.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a complex oneiric construct which manifests in human dreams as an anomalous shopping mall. SCP-XXXX-A designates the high-amplitude delta wave patterns which indicate a sleeping individual is experiencing SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX-A occurs at random during REM sleep; no pattern has been identified in affected subjects, and attempts to artificially induce the dream state have been unsuccessful.

Descriptions of SCP-XXXX have been generally consistent between research subjects, suggesting that the phenomenon exists independently of individual perceptions. The construct is invariably described as the interior of a shopping mall, with a vast complex of stores, entertainment venues and other consumer attractions. Although populated by many 'shoppers'2, most subjects describe the crowds as incongruously small compared to the immense size of the structure.

Addendum XXXX.1 - Selected Reports

Note from the HRC: Since we started looking into this anomaly, we've collected dozens, maybe even hundreds of reports from various subjects. As a supplement to the description, I've attached some of the reports that were more detailed or considered more relevant. Feel free to contact me if you feel like reading the full list.

Reported by: D-135429

Note: Transcribed from audio recording.

I, uh, I heard some of the other guys saying something about it, so when I showed up there, it was like, holy shit. I— sorry, okay. Well, I woke up— not like, actually, you know, it was in the dream, but it felt like I was waking up. I was in this huge concrete place, with all these crowds and booths and people in costumes— have you ever been to uh, HeroesCon?3 It felt like that, like a convention center.

So I went around asking where I was and what this was all about, y'know, and the thing was, nobody seemed to actually be able to tell me why they were there. Or… I can't remember. I can't remember if their stories were vague, or if I just, like, wasn't really able to get what they were saying. Like I heard it, but it just didn't click in my head.

I eventually started feeling a little creeped out, you know, all these people just sort of wandering around not doing much of anything. I went looking for an exit, only I couldn't find any. …No, not like I couldn't open the doors or something, there were literally no doors at all. Well, there was one. That was what was really weird. The wall seemed to sort of curve inwards, and I decided to follow it. It was like a funnel built into the side of this place. It got so small that I was hunched over, and I actually got a little scared I wouldn't be able to get back out. But then there was a door. The only exit in that entire fucking place, a plain metal door set into a wall that seemed to just suck you in. I can't tell you how relieved I was. …No, well, yeah, there wasn't much after that. I think the door went out into this huge hallway, which was real nice after being stuck in that tube. But I don't think I went anywhere else. There wasn't a whole lot to see, and then that guy4 woke me up.

Addendum XXXX.2 - Note from Containment Consultant Mavromatis

Addendum XXXX.3 - Containment Forum

Internal Audio Recording Transcript

Date: 06.23.2018
Location: Site-76 Conference Room D3

In Attendance:

  • Head of Research and Containment Ardiana Kihlstrom
  • Senior Researcher Dr. Frank Trammel
  • Researcher Travis Holzinger
  • Containment Specialist Dr. Emmanuel Eates
  • Special Agent Nicole Hoffman (MTF ο-P)
  • Special Agent Meng Luoyang (MTF ω-16) (via teleconference)

HRC Kihlstrom: Thank you all for being here. It's been a couple of months since I was assigned to SCP-XXXX, and so far we haven't made much progress in understanding what it is or what should be done about it. I've personally always found brainstorming sessions to be very helpful, so this meeting will be an open exchange of ideas and findings. Don't hesitate to share your theories. We've all seen things that would seem ludicrous to an outside observer.