SCP-XXXX: First Man
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      Object Designation #: XXXX

      Containment Class: EPARCH1

      Containment Status: ACTIVE-STABLE

      Containment Protocol: Based on agreements from the Artemis Conference, the following procedures have been implemented:

      1. Global distribution of ENUI-4/GAMMA gaseous amnestics via Foundation-owned aircraft (preceded by inoculation of necessary Foundation and GRU Division-"P" personnel): Successful

      • Follow-up investigations by Mobile Task Forces Gamma-5 and Iota-10 to determine success of ENUI-4/GAMMA procedure: Completed, success confirmed

      2. Elimination of SCP-XXXX evidence (via orbital hydrogen fluoride laser satellite EMBLA), followed by retroactive alteration of astronomical data as necessary: Blocked by Overwatch

      • Update 23-12-1984: All evidence and artefacts recovered by Orbital Task Force ढ-3

      3. Ongoing misinformation campaign (PROJECT ARMSTRONG) with the goals of (a) ensuring all information concerning SCP-XXXX is confiscated, classified, and/or publicly discredited (this includes falsifying historical documents as necessary); and (b) glorifying the Apollo 11 mission in popular culture via anomalous media compulsion tactics and funding of relevant operations.

      • ARMSTRONG Media Campaign 111796 ("AP11"): Success
      • ARMSTRONG Media Campaign 111709 ("MNSH"): General Failure
      • ARMSTRONG Media Campaign 062311 ("DOTM"): Partial Success
        • Note from Project Lead: Further work with MB/EK/PM not advised.
      • ARMSTRONG Media Campaign 101218 ("FSMN"): Success


      Photograph taken from an exterior camera on the 7K-L1 landing module. Identity of the cosmonaut is uncertain, but believed to be Commander Seryogin based on fragmented radio transmissions.

      Anomaly Description: SCP-XXXX designates the successful moon landing by the Soviet Union on November 3rd, 1968.

      The Soviet space program had developed the "Zond" lunar lander in secret, based on modified Soyuz orbiter designs. The four-man crew made a safe descent onto the surface of the Mare Frigoris, near the lunar north pole.

      Based on continuous information exchange with Group of Interest 8.1935 (GRU Division "P"), as well as independent research, it has been determined that an anomalous lunar organism (EoI-1131968) was responsible for the deaths of the crew and the failure of the mission to return to Earth.

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      Soyuz 7K-L1 Crew Manifest

      Gagarin and Seryogin exiting the lander.

      The crew of the Soyuz/Zond lunar lander was divided into two teams:

      • The Landing Team (ребята на луне) touched down on the lunar surface, set up a rover/probe to collect data, moved samples of moon rock to storage pods on the ascent module, and (attempted to) set up a retroreflector array.
      • The Orbiter Team (красные в космосе) remained on the orbital command module, collecting various spectrographic data, reviewing systems and performing maintenance, and preparing the cabin and docking system for ascent rendezvous.

      Landing Team


      Name: Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin

      Age: 35

      Rank: Brigadier General

      Official Cause of Death: Jet crash caused by meteorological conditions.


      Name: Vladimir Sergeyevich Seryogin

      Age: 46

      Rank: Commander

      Official Cause of Death: Jet crash alongside Gagarin.

      Orbiter Team


      Name: Yekaterina Vasylievna Budanova

      Age: 52

      Rank: Captain

      Official Cause of Death: Shot down by Luftwaffe pilot during air battle.


      Name: Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov

      Age: 41

      Rank: Colonel

      Official Cause of Death: Spacecraft test flight accident (parachute failure during re-entry)

      Chelomei UR-500 Specifications

      7K-L1 capsule and ELV assembly.

      Full Designation: Zond 1968B (Zond 7K-L1 s/n 8)

      Manufacturer: PAO S. P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation

      Official Mission Result: Block D stage exploded on pad, killing three personnel and canceling the launch.

      • Structural modifications:
        • Upper orbital module has been reduced to 1.90 m and 1050 kg
        • Descent module equipped for low-gravity landing, resulting in increase to 2.5 m 3100 kg
        • Instrumentation & service module is generally standard, with slightly increased mass due to added systems
      • Life support engineered to support five crewmembers for up to thirty days
        • Potassium superoxide (KO2) and lithium hydroxide (LiOH) cylinder-based oxygen/water recycling system
      • Aluminum-composite payload fairing (jettisoned during launch, recovered in the Arctic Ocean near Arkhangelsk by Boreas-72 agents)


      Orbital module (A)
      1. Docking mechanism
      2 & 4. Kurs rendezvous radar antenna
      3. Television transmission antenna
      5. Camera
      6. Hatch
      Descent module (B)
      7. Parachute compartment
      8. Periscope
      9. Porthole
      11. Heat shield

      Service module (C)
      10 & 18. Attitude control engines
      12. Earth sensors
      13. Sun sensor
      14. Solar panel attachment point
      15. Thermal sensor
      16. Kurs antenna
      17. Main propulsion
      19. Communication antenna
      20. Fuel tanks
      21. Oxygen tank

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      SCP-XXXX-1, photographed near the lunar north pole, 1969.

      Entity ID: SCP-XXXX-1 (formerly EoI-1131968)

      Ancillary Containment Procedures: Unnecessary. SCP-XXXX-1 is believed deceased following a hostile encounter with SCP-3609 circa 1983.

      Former Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-1 is currently uncontainable. Protocol consists of eliminating any evidence of the entity from non-Foundation space telescopes. Should Project Thoth be deemed feasible in the near future, the primary goal of project staff should be the containment or neutralization of SCP-XXXX-1.

      Description: SCP-XXXX-1 was a large serpentine entity resembling Lampropeltis elapsoides, formerly inhabiting the Mare Frigoris region of the lunar surface. Specifically, it was most often observed coiling its body (estimated at 235 meters in length) in the shadows of impact craters, displaying a preference for the Harpalus and Foucault terraced rim walls. Due to the limitations on observation, behavioral studies have been inconclusive, however, it is believed that the entity was either resting3 or attempting to conceal itself.

      When questioned, SCP-2686 displayed no apparent knowledge of SCP-XXXX-1. Researchers have concluded that SCP-XXXX-1 generally avoided other anomalous entities, only attacking the Soyuz 7K-L1 crew because they entered its "territory" and were not considered a threat to itself.

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      Timestamp: 1968-11-31, 14:59:01

      Foreword: The following transmissions were recorded by Foundation satellite Seraph-2180 during the landing of the Zond 7K-L1. All speech has been translated from Russian.

      Budanova: Command, be advised, Zond is approaching the separation point. We have visual on the lunar north pole.

      Gagarin: Look at that— it's so beautiful—

      Seryogin: Yuri, we're about seven degrees off on attitude. GET of the separation burn is 100:39:50 even.

      Gagarin: I've got it.

      Komarov: What was the setting for the 16? (presumably referring to an onboard 16mm camera, though no video footage was ever recovered.)

      Seryogin: F:8 at'l/250th. And check that f-stop again, it slips off every damn time.


      Budanova: Fifteen seconds.

      Seryogin: Looking good. God, what a sight. The simulator has nothing on this.

      Gagarin: Tracking is go. Ready to separate and begin landing maneuvers.

      Budanova: Affirmative. We'll need one or two lateral thrusts then you should be all clear.

      Komarov: PDI?

      Budanova: 1:B6:14.07; …plus 0009.8; 0057.2, plus 0008.5, 0076.4, 0:BO; 000, 293; minus 0075.9, plus all zeros, plus 0009.0; NA.

      Gagarin: Pitch, minus 20. Phasing looks good… burn is complete, residuals nulled. The lander is free and heading for touchdown.

      [Signal lost for approximately twelve minutes; reestablished at 15:29:44. Gagarin and Seryogin are believed to have landed on the lunar surface and remained in the module during this time.]

      Gagarin: —[EVA? Lunar suit?] ready. Cycling the airlock.

      [EVA chamber begins to depressurize. Heavy breathing is audible.]

      Seryogin: Six point five… Three point one… point nine… airlock opening now.

      Gagarin: Mother of God. It's gorgeous.

      Seryogin: It's all yours, Yuri.

      Gagarin: You go first, my friend. I have had my share of fame. Take this for yourself.

      Seryogin: …Thank you, Yuri. (Long, deep breath. Heart rate increases to the point that it is audible.) Descending to the lunar surface now.

      [The following transmissions are from the orbiter module, after the signal was lost with the landing crew.]

      Budanova: —talking at the same time.

      Komarov: Yes, okay. You want me to — to just to turn up B now?

      Budanova: There's signal strength.

      Komarov: Hello, Command, this is Seryogin, over.

      Budanova: A lot of static on the, on the command module S-band.

      Komarov: Well, we— we should still have him.

      Budanova: Radio check on S-band.

      Komarov: I'm not getting them on -

      Budanova: Well, we're almost at sleep attitude— as I, as soon as we get there, I'll find out where they are. I'm going to try transmitting on B—

      Komarov: I've got nothing but static.

      Budanova: Are you transmitting on B?

      Komarov: What?

      Budanova: What are you transmitting on?

      Komarov: Say again? I'm about to get new high-gain angles— Oh, Christ!

      Budanova: What?

      Komarov: I— we have visual on the lander, there's— there is a body visible. Some kind of… creature! I thought—

      Budanova: I see it. Remain calm. (into radio) Landing team, come in. Yuri? Vladimir, come in! What the hell is happening down there?

      Komarov: We can't— (audio cuts off; it is believed that Budanova disabled Komarov's transponder.)

      Budanova: Gagarin is one of our best pilots. If he's alive, he's in the module, and he can ascend. I'm making the rendezvous descent.

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      Representatives at the Artemis Conference, 1968.

      ❬❬ Audio Transcript ❭❭

      Location: Catedrala Mitropolitană Nașterea Domnului, Kishinev (now Chișinău), Moldova

      In Attendance:

      • SCP Foundation External Relations Director Amarnath Machoi
      • SCP Foundation Assistant Director of Extraterrestrial Anomalies Cyrus Hourdoon
      • SCP Foundation Researcher Dr. Stephanie Hall

      • ГРУ Отдел 'П' (GRU Division "P") Junior Administrator Stanislav Nikolaev4
      • GRU Division "P" Assistant Secretary Moroshkina Marya Larionovna5 (translator)

      • Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Nikolai Viktorovich Podgorny

      Archivist's Note: For the purpose of clear presentation, all dialogue has been translated into English and all instances of lingual interpretation have been removed. Full unedited documentation is available upon request.

      «Begin Log, 10:47 AM EEST»

      [SCPF] Machoi: Thank you all for being here this morning. We have much to discuss, but the Foundation hopes to resolve these issues with cooperation and diplomacy.

      [GRUP] Nikolaev: Thank you, Director.

      [USSR] Podgorny: (interjecting) So what is this all about?

      [SCPF] Machoi: Mr. Chairman, I assume you are familiar with the Zond lander project.

      [USSR] Podgorny: (turning to GRU agents) How do these Americans know about—?

      [GRUP] Larionovna: We told them, sir. Please, everything will be explained.

      [SCPF] Machoi: And with all due respect, Chairman, the Foundation holds no affiliation with any national government. Our commitment is only to the human race.

      [USSR] Podgorny: (scoffs) How very noble of you.

      Nobody speaks for several seconds. Larionovna whispers to Podgorny; her speech is not intelligible on the recording.

      [USSR] Podgorny: (sighs) All right. I will hear you out. Do not waste my time.

      «End Log»

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      The following messages have been released as part of the SCP-XXXX documentation archive.


      To: Director Machoi, Director Szarabajka
      From: Overwatch Liaison Riemann, Overwatch Liaison Dreschler

      Subject: <!!!> URGENT - Apollo 11 & LICV2K

      Content: This is a direct order from the offices of O5-6 and O5-10: [SECURITY CODES REDACTED]. The Apollo 11 mission must be redirected to a different landing area at all costs, to avoid military/civilian contact with Entity of Interest 1131968. A projected 'safe zone' of at least 1000 kilometers is advised. You are officially authorized to use anomalous means of coercion should it be deemed necessary. Until containment can be established, there are to be no lunar landings in the Mare Frigoris or Mare Serenitatis.

      Additionally, Overwatch has appointed Deputy Director Hourdoon to lead a new research task force. Lunar Investigation Commission V-2000 will be responsible for: cataloging known lunar anomalies (LnAs); covering up any evidence of LnAs; and investigating any potential pathways for sustainable containment of LnAs.

      Assignment of additional personnel to this commission is left to your discretion. Complete project details will be forwarded to all relevant personnel, including yourselves, in the coming weeks.

      Secure — Contain — Protect


      To: Flight Director Glynn Lunney, Deputy Administrator Hugh L. Dryden
      From: Flight Director Gene Kranz, Professor R. Seamans Jr.6

      Subject: Apollo Site Selection Update

      NOTE: The original text of this correspondence was interlaced with a prototype Prayther-Berryman compulsive meme. Efforts have been made to disable it; however, due to the unreliable nature of early experimental memetics, personnel with a low MARS index (<3.1) may still experience minor cognitive effects. Proceed at your own risk.

      Glynn— Hugh—

      Mare Frigoris and Mare Serenitatis are out for landing. New data from Surveyor indicates that a slight correction of Site 2 would be best. The area we've picked out is in the Mare Tranquillitatis; selenographic coordinates are 00.67408° North, 23.47297° East. With your approval, we will inform the rest of the flight crew.

      Thanks and God bless.


      From: Project Lead Cyrus Hourdoon

      Subject: Re: Project Thoth



      To: Director Machoi, Overwatch Liaison Riemann
      From: Deputy Director Holman, General William Pendergast

      Subject: Re: Re: ARMSTRONG

      Content: The ḍha-3 team splashed down near Okinawa yesterday. They're in decon at 45. Mission was a complete success.

      That being said,

      It's easy enough to piggyback a satellite on a NASA launch, but getting men in orbit remains a logistical nightmare.


      To: Deputy Director Hourdoon
      From: Dr. Stephanie Hall

      Subject: Fwd: California

      Content: Sir, I think you need to see this. It's a report from task force command. Pendergast called it a wild goose chase, but I think it's the breakthrough we've been waiting for.

      (begin attachment)

      MTF Epsilon-6
      Report CA-831

      Mission Type: Item Recovery

      Mission Leader: Special Agent Farr

      Item Designation: SCP-120

      Further details are pending at this time.

      (end attachment)