Ethics Committee Report 07-13-2019
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Internal Records Request

From: Dr. Wolfram Moore
From: Ethics Committee, Humanoid Division

To: Director Ritman
To: Esoteric Applications Department, Site-77

Requesting: Project Files Re: "Project Matthew"

  • Initial Proposal and Approval
  • Outline of Procedures
  • Research Documents inc. Testing/Interview Logs
  • Progress Reports


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"Fucking hell…"

"Give them what they want, Elisha. Don't make this harder than it needs to be."

Researcher Elisha Aldrich rubbed his forehead, trying to stave off the oncoming headache. If only he could push the problem away so easily.

"Why us?" he asked. It was rhetorical, but Junior Researcher Veronica Spiro answered anyway.

"We knew it would happen eventually. The bureaucracy caught up with us, that's all." She picked up the form, looking over it.

"I just don't understand EthCom. Who the hell is running that place?" He absentmindedly twirled a pen between his fingers. "I mean, they never gave this much of a damn about the D-class, or-or, hell, all the people they throw to that fucking e—"

She interrupted him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Elisha. It's fine. Ethics has been twitchy about stuff like this ever since Omega-5 went to hell."

"Omega-5 was a hundred years ago." He stared angrily at the form.

"Exactly. They'll look over the files, see this is nothing like all that, and drop the whole thing. We'll be back on track in a week, max."

He sighed and sat up, his spine cracking and popping. He couldn't remember how long he'd been sitting here.

"All right. I'll send the damn files."

She nodded and stood to exit his office. He watched her go, watched her disappear into a shadow as the translucent ceramic doors slid shut. He wished he could walk away like that. Ever since Project Matthew

Researcher Aldrich sighed and pulled out a yellow envelope. He opened up his laptop's link with the local AI.

"SASHA," he said into the microphone. "Copy and print the following files."

From: Researcher Zack Ekshun (pcs.hcmd|4nuhskez#pcs.hcmd|4nuhskez)

To: Ethics Committee Liaison Elmwood Feynman (pcs.mochte|4namnyefre#pcs.mochte|4namnyefre)

Subject: Results of 053 Testing

Content: The new CWFs have been successful in all recorded experiments thus far. I've attached my report from the most recent tests.

One (1) Attachment:

 Experiment Log 053-S-A

Timecode: 09:45:00 PT

Subject(s): SCP-053, D-11424, D-172312

Procedure: SCP-053, D-11424, and D-172312 are placed in separate rooms. Both D-class personnel are provided with a standard computer monitor. The monitor given to D-11424 has been modified with a prototype Casey-Watanbe Visual Hazard Filter; the monitor given to D-172312 has not been modified. Both monitors have teleconference software open.


  • 09:45:21: A live video feed is established with SCP-053, who is not made aware of the experiment. SCP-053 is spending time with SCP-3773-14.
  • 09:47:09: D-172312 shows heavy perspiration. No change in D-11424's behavior.
  • 09:49:53: D-172312 is clearly agitated, and requests to leave the testing chamber. This is denied. No change in D-11424's behavior.
  • 09:51:11: D-172312 is observed shivering and twitching. Heart rate has increased to nearly 187 beats per minute. D-11424 requests to know the purpose of the experiment. This is denied. No other change in D-11424's behavior.
  • 09:55:23: D-172312 stands and attempts to tear the monitor from its casing. When this fails, he strikes the screen repeatedly, cracking it and inflicting minor incisions and fractures on his hand. Ignoring his injuries, he begins to aggressively attack the walls of the testing chamber. No change in D-11424's behavior.
  • 09:56:38: D-172312 suffers a violent seizure, and is terminated by security personnel. D-11424 is escorted out of the testing chamber. A Langford-Prayther Cognitive Hazard Examination is performed: D-11424 displays no adverse cognitive effects. Experiment is declared successful.

Provisional Personnel File


[Photograph edited to remove cognitohazardous properties.]

Name: ███ █████ ██████

Preferred Name: Ember

Former Designation: SCP-053

DOB: 06-23-1997 (22 years of age)

Clearance Level: PROVISIONAL-3

Position: Staff/Project Consultant, Assistant Counsellor, Academic Advisor

Assignment: Area CH-4, Department of Integration and Education

Profile: Has been in Foundation custody since the age of three years. Outside of her cognitohazardous effects, she is friendly and cooperative with staff, especially those she has known from childhood. Has asked to become personnel since the age of twelve; conditionally granted following the success of the Casey-Watanbe Visual Hazard Filter and the growth of the Anomalous Children's Center project. Academic and psychiatric personnel proposed that a 'mentor' position for recently contained anomalous children would be beneficial for all involved parties. Subject has displayed great enthusiasm for this task.

Provisional Employment Proposal

  • Approved by Ethics Committee
  • Approved by O5-11 and O5-3

From the Office of O5-8
Memorandum Re: ACC Project

The Council understands your concern,


From the Office of the Secretary of the Ethics Committee

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