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RAISA Archival Document


File Photo 112185-01: ARDAT Facility 623-Ω.


Location: Ancillary Research, Development, and Testing Facility 623-Omega (Riksgränsen, Sweden)

Date: 21 November 1985

Historian's Note: While Ectodimensional Way Generation technology was first developed and tested in 1979, safety concerns surrounding organic dimensional transit held the science back for several years. The November 21st event was a landmark in establishing our place in the multiverse.

This document is to be a complete record of that historic day, with compounded audio transcripts, video logs and more. These brave men were the first to venture outside of our reality. Remember them, always.

Professor Norman Atticus
SCP Foundation Records and Information Security Administration
Department of Historical Archives


In Attendance:

  • SCP Foundation Extradimensional Affairs Department1 Director Dr. Alice Forth
  • Site-623 Engineering Director Allison Williams
  • Site-623 Project Supervisor Dr. Mathias Kronecker
  • SCP Foundation Esoteric Research & Development Superintendent Dr. Robert Scranton
  • SCP Foundation Director of Mobile Task Forces General Leslie Bramimond
  • SCP Foundation Assistant Regional Director Dr. Jacob Conwell
  • SCP Foundation Overseer-1 ██████ █████
  • SCP Foundation Overseer-9 ███ ███████
  • SCP Foundation Overseer-13 ███████ ████-██████

Mission Crew (Transport Vessel Digory Kirke):

  • Captain Tymon Palkowski (ALPHA)
  • Commander Anthony Bischoffshausen (BRAVO)
  • Lieutenant Corbin Davidov (FOXTROT)

[T-01:00:00 - Begin Log]

Dir. Forth: Good morning, everyone. Thank you all very much for coming here to witness this historic event.

O5-13: Thank you, Alice. The other Overseers were reluctant. But Dr. Conwell assures us you have taken all possible precautions.

Dir. Forth: Of course. The observation room is certified Class-VI protected, and as of this past month, the whole facility has been reinforced with Robert's latest miracle.

Dr. Scranton: Please, the SKDAs were Isaiah and Simon's brainchild. William and I merely altered the existing design.


File Photo 112185-02: Prototype Scranton-Kejel Dimensional Anchor.

Gen. Bramimond: SKDAs?

Dr. Kronecker: Scranton-Kejel Dimensional Anchors. They protect us from anything going wrong with the Ways.

Dr. Scranton: (nodding) Way Generation is quite distinct from other spacetime-altering phenomena. Our revisions to the Pietrykau-Fontaine design merely compensated for these parameters. It's all in my report.

Gen. Bramimond: I see.

O5-9: That reminds me, Doctor, I was hoping to ask you about that Stabilizer prototype you mentioned.

(extraneous conversation redacted)


NCOIC: Confirmation from Network. As of most recent information transfer, target universe is ready to receive mission crew.

Dir. Williams: Excellent.

Gen. Bramimond: This target universe. You're certain it's safe?

Dir. Forth: Yes, sir. It is in fact nearly identical to our baseline reality. The main difference is that their Foundation has been experimenting with exo-universal travel since the early 1970s. It seems they have their own Item 1322, and things turned out, a… a bit better for them.

(three seconds of silence)

Dir. Williams: (clears throat) The, uh, the point is, yes, the target universe is safe.



File Photo 112185-03: SCPF-UNAV-MEV-2 (Digory Kirke) extradimensional vehicle on transport pad.

NCOIC: T minus fifteen, Director.

Dir. Williams: Thank you. (over intercom) Final systems check. All units respond with status. Let's get this show on the road. Medical?

SURGEON: Flight surgeon is go.

Dir. Williams: Confirmed. MSOC, report.

GNC: UNAV guidance & control is go.

EECOM: Electrical, go. Environmental, go.

TELMU: Telemetry, go.

Dir. Williams: Bravo, confirm?

Bravo: MSOC confirmed, chief. All green on my end.

Dir. Williams: Roger that. Network?

INCO: Comm, go.

FAO: Procedural, go.

Dir. Williams: Ground?

RETRO: Abort procedures and hazard response teams on standby. Awaiting SRO confirmation.

Dir. Williams: SRO, confirm?

SRO: All clear. Ground is go.

Dir. Williams: All systems green. Waymakers are warming up.


Dir. Williams: (over intercom) T minus 5. All personnel be advised, we are preparing for transport. Pad lockdown is imminent. If you have not cleared the area, retreat to NET deck immediately.

SRO: Command be advised, the pad is clear. Locking it down now.

NCOIC: I hope you're ready for a hell of a light show.


Dir. Williams: T minus 1. We're down to the wire, Captain.

Alpha: Roger that. Any last words, boys?

Bravo: If we run into ourselves over there and the multiverse blows up, tell Forth it's her fault.

Foxtrot: Christ, I don't know. One small step and all that. Let's hit it.

Alpha: Wonderful. Command, is it too late to ask for a better crew?

Dir. Williams: Unfortunately, Way Generation is imminent. But you still have a few seconds to abort the mission.

Alpha: (feigning sigh) I'll just make sure I beat these assholes off the ship. First man, just like Armstrong. (engages UNAV) Target universe set to 2U.2 Let's hit the road, boys.

Dir. Williams: Roger that. Captain, we are go for transport.

Bravo: Pedal to the medal!

NCOIC: SKDAs disengaged. Way Generation in ten, nine, eight, seven, six-

Dir. Forth: Here we go.

NCOIC: -five, four, three, two, one… now.

[T-00:00:00. Successful creation of ectodimensional Way gate. Video footage records the Digory Kirke shimmering before rapidly rotating and appearing to warp, coiling around itself and then disappearing from view.]

Dir. Conwell: Holy shit!

Dr. Scranton: (softly) Incredible.

O5-1: Are they… did they make it?

NCOIC: Steinhardt-Turok counters are within parameters. All evidence on our end suggests a successful transmission.

Dir. Forth: Now we wait.

Dir. Conwell: For what?

(several seconds of silence)

Dir. Conwell: Alice—

Dr. Scranton: Wait.



O5-9: Director, surely you—

NCOIC: (interrupting) Sorry, um, Doctor Scranton? Could you take a look at this?

Dir. Forth: What is it?

Dr. Scranton: (reading data printout) …Unknown. An energy signature I don't recognize. (on intercom) INCO, I'm patching this through to you. See if you can find a pattern.

INCO: Roger that. We're receiving.

Gen. Bramimond: (standing) Is there a cause for concern here?

Dr. Scranton: Most likely not. But—

Gen. Bramimond: (interrupting) But? Butts are for shitting, Robert, and I don't take—

O5-1: Enough. General, Sit down. Director Forth and her team have my utmost confidence. I would not have elected to be here otherwise. (to Dir. Forth) We will wait. Do what you need to, just keep us updated.

Dir. Forth: Thank you, ma'am.


Gen. Bramimond: Director, how much longer—

INCO: (through intercom) Doctor, we've made a breakthrough down here. Permission to broadcast on speakers?

Dr. Scranton: (looks to Director Forth, who nods) Granted, INCO. Let's hear it.

(sound of static crackling over PA system)

Unidentified male voice:3imensional comm link. Repeat, SCP Foundation native to universe 5802-Sigma-Blue-Romeo,4 we have received your vessel and its crew. Welcome to the multiverse.

(cheering from Observation Room and other areas audible over the intercom)


File Photo 112185-04: Alpha, Bravo and Foxtrot exiting the transport in biohazard suits.