Multi-Universal Transit Array
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is housed in the Trans-Universal Contact and Communication Sector (TUCCS) at Site-623. When the array is in an inactive state, it is to be guarded by a minimum of two security agents to prevent tampering with its systems. When SCP-XXXX is active, all non-vital personnel are to move outside of the marked 10-meter safety radius. All SCP-XXXX operations must be performed under supervision of Stationary Task Force Kähler-1-Beta ("Mission Control").

In order to ensure temporal synchronization and prevent Kant dispersion1, two XAC Temporal Sinks and two Scranton Reality Anchors are arranged on either side of the array. These are to be checked for faults by designated technicians prior to every SCP-XXXX activation. Routine maintenance will be carried out on a three-month rotation by specialized Level 4 technicians. Emergency servicing and repairs must be overseen by the Site-623 Maintenance Superintendent.

Any attempted transfers from ectodimensional sources, that are not on the regular schedule or approved beforehand by site command, are to be considered hostile incursions until proven otherwise. This is referred to as a Tresspassing Event. In this scenario, personnel are to exit the sector, and Joint Task Force Kähler-1-Alpha ("Everett's Envoys") will mobilize a security team, establishing a perimeter around SCP-XXXX and detaining the person(s) or item(s) that manifests. Additionally, medical personnel are to remain on standby during a Trespassing Event, in case of an illegal SCP-3856 transfer. Normal operations may resume when the K-1-A commanding officer verifies either containment or neutralization of the threat.

Description: SCP-XXXX designates the Multi-Universal Transit Array created and maintained in the local universe by the native Foundation. While more limited than other mechanisms of ectodimensional travel, SCP-XXXX has proven to be the safest, most reliable and most accurate, and is therefore the primary method of exo-universal travel and communication throughout Foundation-positive realities. The current number of universes accessible via SCP-XXXX is estimated at 47,117; prolonged contact has been established with 257 Foundation-positive iterations.

SCP-XXXX has been regularly used to send and receive resources, information, and personnel to and from extant Foundation iterations since its creation in 1979. Further information may be accessed in the addenda below.