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    SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Applied Task Force Eloi-7 ("Time's Arrow") is responsible for monitoring, capturing, and terminating extant SCP-4723 instances. Four specimens (designated SCP-4723-Alpha, -Beta, -Gamma, and -Delta) are kept for study at Site-124. When not being used in active research, these should be kept in a vacuum-sealed, high-grade thermoplastic polycarbonate containment unit.

    Authorized personnel may view the attached Project LESTER file for more information on current containment/neutralization operations.


    File Photo 4723-1: SCP-4723 instance in containment.

    DESCRIPTION: SCP-4723 refers to a series of autonomous drones designed to resemble Musca domestica.1 At least fifteen confirmed SCP-4723 sightings have been recorded by Foundation operatives between 2016 and 2019; nine instances have been recovered, of which seven remain in containment.

    Technological and radiometric analysis has determined that all instances of SCP-4723 are temporally displaced, originating from an as yet unknown point in the future.

    All instances recovered thus far are identical, aside from a distinguishing numerical code printed on the outer casing.2 Additionally, all instances are emblazoned with a round symbol3, the significance of which is unclear at this time.


    File Photo 4723-2: Recovered pieces of internal sensory apparatus.

    Six instances of SCP-4723 have been disassembled, confirming that interior and exterior systems are identical on all instances. These systems include:

    • An exoskeleton composed of a biomechatronic chitosan polymer
    • Wings composed of a similar substance— wingspan is approximately 12.5 millimeters4
    • Nanostructured network of sensors5 and optical 5D data recording/long-term storage
    • Supersymmetric, gravitino/fermion-based temporal distortion engine (TDE)

    The TDE occupies almost 78% of the interior space. Hypothetical models indicate that the engine can create an unstable Einstein–Rosen bridge, which would subsume SCP-4723 and eject it at a predetermined point along a variable timelike curve.6

    The exact purpose of SCP-4723 is unknown. However, based on the hardware each instance is equipped with, possibilities include surveillance, espionage, or an attempt by an unidentified future individual/organization to retroactively alter the timeline. Until the true nature of the anomaly can be determined, it is to be considered a Tiamat-class threat to normalcy and continuity.

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      Addendum 4723-1: Recovered Data

      At the request of Director Ritman, one SCP-4723 instance (SCP-4723-Gamma) had its data core removed and transported to the Site-124 Informational Isolation Laboratory.7 The software within was protected by advanced 512-bit encryption, which was successfully broken by the Cryptography Department after 493 hours of continuous brute-force cryptanalysis.

      Notable recovered data includes:

      • System base time displayed as 14 November 2718 02:15:47 UTC, confirming temporal displacement;
      • Encoded message from an individual identifying as "Mr. Halloran" (designated Person of Interest 4723), claiming ownership of SCP-4723;

      A full log of recovered information is available from the Cryptography Department, on request from Senior Researcher Mark Hoffman (pcs.noitadnuof.dtpyrc|4ffohmrs#pcs.noitadnuof.dtpyrc|4ffohmrs).

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        Project LESTER

        Project Proposal - LESTER


        Initial concept drawing of the LESTER prototype.

        Project Head: Dr. Thomas Elmeyer

        Location: Research & Development Site-124

        Abstract: Reverse-engineer SCP-4723 technology to create a controlled temporal bridge, displacing PoI-4723 to the present day, allowing for detainment, interrogation and potential neutralization of SCP-4723.

        Supplementary Proposal: Creation of an integrated intelligence construct in order to process the complex mathematical equations required for maintenance of spacetime curve.

        Feasibility Evaluation: Study of SCP-4723 indicates that the hardware is significantly backward compatible, and may be interoperable with existing Foundation reality- and spacetime-warping prototypes (i.e. the decommissioned Spatial Stabilization Array). Due to the insights provided by SCP-4723's nanostructure, cost projection is significantly lower than initially expected, with conservative estimates placing the project at just under one million USD. Provisional approval is granted, pending further review.

        — Dr. John Blanchard, Accounting Department

        Cost/Benefit Evaluation: Analysis of the technology present within SCP-4723 has accelerated the Foundation's understanding of temporal mechanics, and it is believed that any potential paradoxes can be effectively nullified. With the provisions of the TIPLER constructed intelligence to handle the topological vectors, and with limited safety testing of the units, it is the official opinion of the Site-124 Project Review Committee that the benefit- neutralization of a potentially high-threat anomaly- outweighs the cost of development and potential risk.

        — Dr. Mohammad Scott, Chairman

        Current Status: Approved. Production of Lorentzian-Elmeyer Stable Temporal Extraction/Retrieval engine (codename 'LESTER') is proceeding at Site-124 as a Level-4 High Priority project. AIAD has confirmed development of TIPLER.aic, an intelligence construct with a focus on mathematical processing and hyperspatial reasoning over interpersonal dialectics/communication.

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          Summary: Gamma shift was notified of a possible security breach at approximately 05:13 AM. Junior Researcher Chakhravat Damankesh reported sighting several unknown humanoids moving north past D-Block laboratory. C-Block Security Chief Carbones confirms visual on armed hostiles, proceeding towards A-Block. Destination assumed to be either Administration or NAHC.8 Security task force moves to intercept. At 05:32, contact is made. Security log is attached.

          Unidentified Armed Hostiles 10
          Stationary Task Force O-124 13

          O-124-1: Attention, unidentified tresspassers. This is Major Brandon Aygun. I'm in charge of security in this building, and I want to avoid an armed conflict in my place if at all possible. If you will send an unarmed representative, we will as well. I'm sure we can find a peaceful resolution to this-

          UAH-1— a tall, dark-skinned woman with visible biomechanical implants— approaches. She drops her weapon and raises her hands.

          UAH-1: We do not wish to resort to violence. The [afterline?]9 is delicate. We speak for them. You will speak for the Foundation.

          O-124-1: I- how do you know-?

          UAH-1: (cocks head) Your Foundation has a [practice/habit?] of sticking its nose where it does not belong.

          Post-Incident Analysis: Delay in breach observation/response was due to anomalous electromagnetic technology that prevented visual confirmation via security CCTV. Upgrades to security equipment are being implemented in order to ensure this does not become a recurring issue.

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            CURRENT DOCUMENTATION - 19 Aug 2019 18:37

            Changes from original file are highlighted in BLUE.


            Special Containment Procedures: Unnecessary. SCP-4723 poses a minimal-to-zero threat to normalcy and continuity. To avoid potential conflicts, the Overseer Council has confirmed that containment procedures for SCP-4723 are to be rescinded indefinitely.

            Description: [-] Unaltered Paragraphs Collapsed

            SCP-4723 instances exist for the purpose of non-intrusive historical data collection.