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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
DESALE-SITE-54 Serafina Halberstam James Caldmann MTF Lambda-5

Red - Location of Site-Daleth
Orange - Original site security perimeter
Yellow - Current SCP-XXXX area of effect
Green - Current containment perimeter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits") is currently handling containment of SCP-XXXX, under oversight of Dr. James Caldmann and the Epiphysics Department. The primary focus of containment at this time is maintaining the secure perimeter, 11 kilometers in radius. This perimeter is enforced by a chain-link fence, armed security personnel, and a rotation of patrol vehicles1. Embedded assets in the Russian Federation government have succeeded in establishing a civilian exclusion area and a no-fly zone, significantly decreasing the likelihood of outside interference.

Two kilometers from the containment perimeter, Provisional Outpost SR-225 has been established to house containment personnel, vehicles, and research equipment. Currently an isolated station with a generator system, it may be expanded to an official site with a dedicated power plant, dependent on future circumstances of containment operations.

Any surviving Foundation staff located within SCP-XXXX are to be evacuated by task force personnel and escorted to Outpost SR-225 for hazard screening, medical treatment, and reinstatement evaluation. Pending the results of the security assessment, all such individuals should be treated as potential Orange-class threats.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an unstable region of spacetime centered around former Foundation facility RUAOSI-SITE-DALETH, located on Severny Island, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russian Federation. The anomaly extends eight kilometers from the epicenter on the surface, while vertically its effects appear to cease at 200-245 meters. Anomalous events observed within the affected space include irregular causality, spatial and topological distortions, spontaneous manifestation and demanifestation of matter and energy, and heavy graviton wave activity.

SCP-XXXX was created on 05-03-2019, after an undetermined catastrophic event occurred at Site-Daleth. See addenda and attached documents for more information.

Addendum XXXX.1 - Note from HRC Caldmann

Addendum XXXX.2 - Incident Report