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The following documents are Level 4/XXXX classified. Unauthorized access is strictly forbidden.


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    The following documents have been indexed under "SCP-XXXX":

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      Dimensional Research Site-5802



      Site-5802 file photo, circa 2003.


      LOCATION: Gefrorene-Wand-Kees (Hintertux Glacier), Zillertal Valley, Tyrol, Austria

      FOUNDED: November 1993

      STAFF COMPLEMENT: approx. 95

      ABSTRACT: Site-5802 is a cross-universal Foundation research facility. The exterior of the site exists in local reality, supported by the Peccei-Girardeau Matrix (see below); the interior is a hyperspatial construct that intersects multiple dimensions. Originally built in USCPF-2U121 circa 1989, the site now exists simultaneously in forty-seven (47) Foundation-positive universes.


      The Peccei-Girardeau Matrix (PGM) uses a layer of sterile neutrinos1 to maintain the exterior Calabi–Yau manifold. This serves the dual purposes of isolating the interdimensional topology within the established perimeter and stabilizing tachyon emissions (ensuring temporal synchronization).2

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      Green: former Site-5802; Red: SCP-XXXX area of effect; Blue: XACTS; Yellow: SKDAs; Purple: Stabilized task force entry point.

      ITEM #: SCP-XXXX



      SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-XXXX is surrounded by a network of six (6) Scranton-Kejel Dimensional Anchors (SKDAs) and seven (7) Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sinks (XACTS), spaced evenly in a radial pattern around the anomaly. These are to be inspected, at a minimum, once per month by trained department technicians.

      Applied Task Force Guangzhou-9 ("Vulcan Spectres") has been formed to focus on study and containment of SCP-XXXX. The team is composed of select members from Task Forces Alpha-5, Beta-10, Eta-5, Eta-13, Lambda-5, Mu-8, Rho-6, and Upsilon-90, all chosen for their experience with dimensional/spatiotemporal/topological anomalies.

      By order of Regional Director De Vries, the G-9 executive officer4 has been indefinitely granted unilateral command of resources deemed necessary for containment of SCP-XXXX.


      SCP-XXXX "cold spot" as measured by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP).

      DESCRIPTION: SCP-XXXX is an unstable spatiotemporal anomaly affecting the area formerly occupied by Foundation Dimensional Research Site-5802. SCP-XXXX manifested on February 7th, 2019, after an unknown catastrophe (EE-5802) resulted in critical topological breakdown and the localized collapse of dimensional barriers. Electromagnetic analysis indicates that the affected area has been rendered "cold"— all cosmic background radiation has been forcibly removed— suggesting a possible Yggdrasil Convergence Event (see G-9 threat assessment below).

      With the limitations of current methods, and due to the collapse of ectodimensional communication channels in the accident, it is impossible to conclusively determine the cause of the disaster. Leading theories include unexpected fermion interference in the neutrino matrix; a catastrophic SCP-3856 event in a connected universe; or possibly deliberate internal sabotage from a recalcitrant Foundation official or group of officials (i.e. GoI-257-ELT "Project Palisade").

      While the strategic placement of SKDAs has slowed the expansion of the anomaly, it still poses the potential threat of a DV-class "Inosculation" end-of-the-world scenario.

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        Department of Ectodimensional Anomalies

        Applied Task Force Guangzhou-9

        ("Vulcan Spectres")

        SCP-XXXX Threat Evaluation


        Scenario Designation: DV-class "Inosculation"
        Yggdrasil Convergence Event » DV-CLASS

        Likelihood: Medium/Low

        Severity: TIAMAT5

        Description: A DV-class "Inosculation" scenario refers to a situation wherein adjacent dimensional regions collapse around a singular intersecting point. While a complete reversal is unlikely with current technology and understanding of dimensional physics, it is theoretically possible to contain such a phenomenon and prevent it from escalating into a CK-class "Restructuring" scenario.


        1. Isolation of affected areas and recall of extradimensional diplomatic personnel;
        2. Research and threat assessment;
        3. Dependent on evaluation results, possible implementation of emergency dimensional procedures6 as directed by Overwatch.

        Status Reports

        • Personnel Currently Accounted For: 23
          • Living: 2
          • Deceased: 21
        • Personnel Currently Unaccounted For: 72


        FURNiVAL, with miniaturized Kant counter extended.



        CONTROLLER: Agent Alex Henderson

        TIMESTAMP: 1439.2719

        Recording begins. Agent Henderson (hereafter referred to as "CONTROL") is visible adjusting FURNiVAL's primary camera and running last-minute system checks.

        CONTROL: Furnival's all clear. Link is strong, taking command now and heading to the entry point.

        Recording shakes slightly as FURNiVAL 3V stands and walks forward. Internal gyroscope begins automatic correction after six seconds. The drone proceeds to the entry point.

        CONTROL: Entering the anomaly now. (pause) We're in. All good, no disrupted systems. Terrain outside the building is very unstable… I'm letting the bot take over for a minute to chart the best course.

        FURNiVAL 3V enters partial autonomy mode. Recording is briefly disrupted as the drone emits several LiDAR pulses. Area is mapped and FURNiVAL proceeds on determined path. Type-VII topological distortion is visible.

        [six minutes of extraneous footage redacted]

        FURNiVAL 3V reaches the Site entry point. CONTROL retakes command and transmits Level 4 security access codes. Exterior blast doors are cycled down and the drone enters the compound.

        CONTROL: Jesus— Captain, you're going to want to see this.

        The interior of the site is extremely distorted. Dozens of visual and physical irregularities are identified.

        CONTROL: I know we were expecting it to be serious, but… I've never seen anything like this.

        CONTROL: Holy fuck, is that Steggy?

        Senior Researcher Stegnov Dionisiy Vsevolodovich is visible, unconscious. His body appears to have merged with a large metal grate, resulting in severance of the left arm at the shoulder and both legs at the lower thigh. Extreme blood loss is apparent, but FURNiVAL confirms weak vital signs.

        CONTROL: He's alive! (into radio) Command, we have confirmation of living personnel. They're trapped in there, we need to send in a rescue team, now

        FURNiVAL places a locator beacon beside Sr. Researcher Vsevolodovich. Agent Henderson leaves the control console; after five minutes of inactivity, the drone switches to autonomous navigation and proceeds to the extraction point.

        [END LOG]


        Medevac of Sr. Researcher Vsevolodovich.

        Interview 5802-XXXX-1S

        Subject: Senior Researcher Stegnov Dionisiy Vsevolodovich

        Interviewer: Psychological Specialist Dr. Adileh Khayyam

        Foreword: After being rescued by Lambda-5 operatives, Sr. Researcher Vsevolodovich was evacuated via helicopter to Site-06-3 (selected for its proximity and extensive medical facilities). Following forty-seven hours of surgery and intensive care, he regained consciousness and was cleared for an interview.

        [Begin Log - 19:22]

        Dr. Khayyam enters the room, placing a chair next to the bed. Researcher Vsevolodovich is silent, but turns his head to acknowledge the doctor.

        Khayyam: How are you feeling, Stegnov?

        Vsevolodovich: (silence)

        Khayyam: …Can you speak? Would you like some water?

        Vsevolodovich: No. (long pause) No thank you, doctor. I would… prefer to be left alone.

        Khayyam: I know you've been through a very traumatic event. I want to help you.

        Vsevolodovich: (turns away) I appreciate it, doctor. I am genuinely thankful. But there isn't anything you can do for us.

        Khayyam: Us?

        Vsevolodovich: Do you know what we did at Site-5802?

        Khayyam: Yes, the Director briefed me—

        Vsevolodovich: The Director gave you the sanitized version and hoped that would be enough for you to treat me. It's not. You can't.

        Khayyam: If you believe I am misinformed, perhaps you could… educate me.

        [End log]