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SCP-XXXX, photographed at a gymnastics event in Atlanta, Georgia. Subject demanifested before it could be detained.

Special Containment Procedures: Former friends and family members of SCP-XXXX have had their memories altered or excised, with the exception of PoI-XXXX-A, who is considered a valuable source of information. Due to her consistent record of compliance and good conduct, she is currently under low-risk, non-invasive observation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a cognitohazardous entity physically resembling an elderly human male.

SCP-XXXX is Robert Taylor Griffiths, an eighty-seven-year old human male. Investigation has concluded that SCP-XXXX gained its anomalous properties at an unknown point between 22 March 2017 (the date of Incident XXXX-β) and 02 April 2017 (the subject's first recorded manifestation).