Remembering Emily
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Item#: 4931
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
USALBC-Site-88 Phillip Foster Amara Song MTF N-9

SCP-4931, photographed at an event in San Antonio, Texas.

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force November-9 is currently operating Brumaire Event Security, a front company designed for covert on-location containment operations. SCP-4931 manifestation incidents will be handled by the following assigned containment teams:

  • N-9 CT "Bouncers" - Civilian crowd control; limit exposure and prevent escalation. Initiate lockdown protocols if situation develops into a Localized Veil Breakdown scenario.
  • N-9 CT "Plug 'n' Play" - Equipment specialists; preparation of Humanoid Containment Module and nPDNAs1 for activation and transport.
  • N-9 CT "Padlock" - Detainment of SCP-4931. Agents in this group must score at least 28.5 on the revised Cognitive Hazard Resistance Index and be outfitted with Silangwe-Cross full-body hazard suits.2
  • N-9 CT "Beholders" - Informational security, including distribution of amnestics and media suppression, as necessary. Field amnestic kits are concealed among first aid supplies, and contain tools for both mass-dispersal vectors3 and individual administration.
  • N-9 CT "White Coats" - Secondary detainment of SCP-4931-A instances, under pretense of commitment to psychiatric care. Documentation is provided beforehand to expedite this process.

As per Ethics Committee ruling, any SCP-4931-A instances produced from manifestation events are to be transported to Site-88 for observation. Once onsite, instances should be provided access to therapy and questioned using non-aggressive methods. When the instance has deteriorated into an unresponsive state, it should be humanely euthanized and its family provided with a cover story for its death. Any significant change in this pattern of SCP-3931-A progression should be reported to the HRC immediately.

Description: SCP-4931 is a cognitohazardous entity with the physical appearance of an elderly human male. Investigation has concluded that SCP-4931 was a non-anomalous human prior to 23 March 2017.

SCP-4931 follows a clear behavioral pattern; the entity always manifests at sporting events, most frequently cheerleading and gymnastics competitions. When there, it will approach any female athlete who is receiving first aid and attempt to make physical contact. If successful, the target will become an instance of SCP-4931-A. The entity demanifests within thirty minutes; its location between manifestations is currently unknown.

Details of the anomaly's discovery and the subsequent investigation are collected in the attached documents below.