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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Zeno
Site Responsible: USORPL-Site-64
Director: Edgar Holman
Research Head: Michael Wynters
Assigned Task Force: N/A
Level 2/XXXX



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in the Medium Security E-Wing at Site-64. It is currently housed in a SCORE unit1 with an outer radius of seven meters. The interior of the chamber may only be accessed via a six-digit passcode, kept by the Site-64 Assistant Director of Containment (currently Dir. Sophia Turner) and shared only with assigned research staff. The passcode must be changed each time a change in personnel assignments occurs. No personnel are to access the interior chamber outside of controlled testing conditions.

Any persons exposed to SCP-XXXX are to be evaluated using the Kardec-Hoeksema Identity Exam at three-hour intervals starting from the removal of the subject from the radius of effect. Examinations should continue on this basis until the subject achieves a score of 85 or higher.

One ASER2 module is located within the containment chamber to record the frequency and magnitude of the field SCP-XXXX emanates. Should the measurements deviate significantly from normal parameters, the ASER will automatically send an alert to the onsite Department of Containment. This module can be extracted for maintenance without entering the effective radius of SCP-XXXX.

Development of odic field dampening technology (codenamed PROJECT HIELAMON) is currently underway within the Division of Thaumaturgic Applications, with SCP-XXXX as the primary research object due to its relatively benign effects. Should the project be declared successful, it is to be implemented at Site-64 as soon as possible, in order to significantly improve the efficiency of SCP-XXXX containment procedures.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a metallic disc engraved with bas-relief imagery. Analysis of the inscriptions indicates that they incorporate themes of recurrence and transmigration from various cultures. The item is composed of ideal English pewter3 and measures 23 centimeters in diameter. Various chemical tests have determined that SCP-XXXX does not contain any anomalous materials, and could be damaged or destroyed through traditional methods.

SCP-XXXX continuously emits a Baraduc-class odic field measured at 47 GHz, localized to a 1012.87 m3 spherical volume of space around it.4 This field actively disrupts the baseline aspect energy of the human nervous system5 and induces a state of metempsychotic regression. This condition is defined as the emergence and predominance of prior identities and conscious states, colloquially referred to as past lives in occult circles.

SCP-XXXX was recovered from a Sāra Occultist6 depot on 03 February 2016. Mobile Task Force Sigma-18 ("Tritagonists") was performing a raid on the facility in order to recover documentation on unrelated anomalous activity, when Lieutenant James Rooker (Σ-18-Foxtrot) unintentionally entered the effective radius of SCP-XXXX. Lt. Rooker immediately regressed to a prior metempsychotic state, speaking in a proto-Indo-European language and exhbiting fear and confusion. Three other members of the team were exposed before the source of the anomaly was identified and a safe radius established. MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") was contacted for assistance, and an acquisition team successfully retrieved the item via a recovery drone. The four affected agents fully reverted to their base personalities after eighteen hours.

Experiment Log T-XXXX

Research Abstract: All subjects were introduced to the SCP-XXXX odic field with a mild sedative, in order to prevent panic and irrational action from the emerging personalities. An audio/video link was established with the interior of the chamber and an interview was conducted, if possible.

Subject: D-XXXX1
Supervisor: Researcher Eastman

Results: D-XXXX1 began speaking rapidly to researchers in a Northumbrian Old English dialect; translation is incomplete, but the presence of Norse influence in several expressions suggests an origin around the late 9th or early 10th century CE. Visibly frightened, subject proceeded to sit by the chamber entrance and recite the Lord's Prayer, refusing to respond to researchers. D-XXXX1 was removed from the area and reverted to his base identity within two hours.

Subject: D-XXXX2
Supervisor: Researcher Eastman


Subject: D-XXXX3
Supervisor: Researcher Eastman


Subject: Corporal Davis Aldrich
Supervisor: Dr. Wynters

Results: Subject was afraid and expressed anger/confusion upon viewing his reflection. Dr. Wynters was able to calm the subject sufficiently to discern basic information about the emergent personality: she was an African slave from early 19th century South Carolina.7

Subject: Research Assistant Clements
Supervisor: Dr. Wynters


Subject: D-XXXX2
Supervisor: Researcher Schacter