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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Keter
Site Responsible: USILCAS-Site-320
Director: Montgomery Taylor
Research Head: Vincent Tremaine
Assigned Task Force: MTF ι-10
Level 4/XXXX
Access Granted


GOI-613A main complex.

Special Containment Procedures


Interviewer: Dr. ██ █████

Subject: Elijah Jacobs (PoI-613A-α3)

Jacobs: Everyone hates that which they fear. We see it everywhere. The child who fears the dancing shadows. The white man who fears the end of his imperial rule. The scientist who fears the fantastic and inexplicable.

█████: The Foundation doesn't hate. We do the things we do for the security the protection of everyone, including those we fight against.

Jacobs: (sighs) Oh, Doctor. How many wars have been fought under that conviction? How much has been lost?

█████: Too much. But you and your people won't put a stop to that.

Jacobs: Not us, Doctor. Myself and my followers, we are merely the gatekeepers. We will open the door, and Síyáh-Chál will make us clean.

█████: You can drop the sermon bullshit. You know your god as well as I do. It's not some spirit of peace and love that'll make everything perfect. It's a parasite. It'll feed until it's drained us of these feelings.

Jacobs: Our words are different, but our meanings are the same. Our god will feed, yes, but in doing so, He will rid us of our hatred. Consider a world without animosity, without bitterness or antagonism. Would the Foundation really stand in the way of that utopia?

█████: Without hesitation. Because hatred is terrible, but it's a part of us. You said it yourself, with hatred we would lose our fear, our anger, our grief. These things all make us human. Would the world be better off without hatred? Absolutely. But your 'cleansing' is not the way. The Foundation isn't going to allow this… this brave new world of yours to come into play. People should be happy because they deserve it, not because the negative emotions have been sucked out of them.