Viper Security
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Item#: XXXX
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
OSWAR-Site-45 Q. L. Zhang Rushpa Heravdakar RTF HR-9

An instance of SCP-XXXX-1 (Crotalus adamanteus) recovered from a manifestation in Nahunta, Georgia.

Special Containment Procedures: Responsive Task Force Horus-9 ("Northern Sun") has been formed to counter SCP-XXXX, and currently maintains a standby presence at several major Foundation facilities.1 All task force agents must be trained in one or more of the following areas: biohazard response and containment; individual to mass-dispersal amnestic administration; civilian crowd control; media identification and suppression; and rapid urban deployment/extraction. A secondary unit is stationed at Site-45 to conduct the ongoing investigation into the source of the anomaly.

When responding to a manifestation, personnel should make efforts to capture at least one SCP-XXXX-1 instance alive and return it to a Foundation biological research facility for examination.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a recurring phenomenon involving mass manifestation of snakes2 within motor vehicles. Aside from their materialization, these snakes (designated SCP-XXXX-1) have displayed no anomalous behaviors or biological changes.

The first known instance of SCP-XXXX occurred on ██-██-████, when several dozen Eristicophis macmahonii manifested inside a stolen 2006 Toyota Corolla in the Chahar Burjak District of Afghanistan. The thief died after receiving several lethal doses of venom, and his corpse could not be identified. A Foundation informant in the area noted the unusual events, and a team was sent to investigate the phenomenon and falsify records where necessary. The event was initially designated EE-44513, but was reclassified as SCP-XXXX after two similar events occurred; a manifestation of Azemiops kharini in Dawbon, Myanmar, and Sistrurus catenatus in Stanhope, Ontario, Canada.

Addendum XXXX.1 - Correspondence Records


To: Research Assistant Jeanette Henson
From: HRC Rushpa Heravdakar

Subject: XXXX

Hey Jean. Hope you're good.

I'm forwarding you all the data we have on XXXX manifestations so far. There has to be a connection here— I don't believe it's just random. You've always had a better eye for finding these things than I do. If you could look it over and get back to me, that would be great. We're sort of at a standstill with this right now.


Attachments: reports-collected.pdf


To: HRC Rushpa Heravdakar
From: Research Assistant Jeanette Henson

Subject: Re: XXXX

Good to hear from you. I've looked over the reports, and I've only come up with one significant thing; the species that manifests is always native to the area where the manifestation occurs. Not sure what this means, but it has to mean something. Maybe they're somehow brought in from the surrounding environment?

I do have another theory, but I don't have any evidence for it from the data you gave me. Do you think you could get me access to all the information on the affected vehicles? Insurance, registration, anything you can get. Thanks.


To: Research Assistant Jeanette Henson
From: HRC Rushpa Heravdakar

Subject: Re: Re: XXXX

I put in a request with Seng at Analytics. Hopefully we'll get what you need; you'll have it as soon as I have it.

Thank you for your help so far; we're looking into the thing with the native species. Can I ask about your other theory? I don't have much else to go on right now.


To: HRC Rushpa Heravdakar
From: Research Assistant Jeanette Henson

Subject: Re: Re: Re: XXXX

All right, this is going to sound ridiculous, but I couldn't get the thought to go away.

Remember those commercials back in like, the 90s, for Viper car alarms? With the CGI snakes? I kept thinking about those. What if this is somehow related? It could be an anartist, we've seen dumb humor like that from those types before.

It might be nothing, but I wanted to check. Whatever remains, however improbable, and all that.




To: Research Assistant Jeanette Henson
From: HRC Rushpa Heravdakar

Subject: Fwd: Vehicle Details

Holy shit. I just got this report from Seng. Every manifestation vehicle so far has had some kind of Viper security product installed; car alarms, dashboard cameras, smart lock systems. This is actually incredible. I'm going to have my people look into both the Viper company and known anartist groups for anything else about this. This is a great lead. Thank you so much.

Attachments: infret-doa-45.pdf

Mobile Task Force Upsilon-23 ("Bold and Brash") was notified of these findings, and tasked with monitoring anartist conventions and communications for any possible references to the SCP-XXXX phenomenon. After an extended period without results, resources were refocused on VIPER Security Systems, provisionally designated Group of Interest ACC-0417.

Addendum XXXX.2 - Horus-9 Mission Transcript

Date: ██-██-████

Team Lead: Major Jaime Orozco (HR-9-Alpha)

Team Members:

  • Captain Vaishnavi Balakrishnan (HR-9-Bravo)
  • Lieutenant Carla Sandecker (HR-9-Charlie)
  • Lieutenant June Sorensen (HR-9-Delta)
  • Second lieutenant Kazymyr Bostryk (HR-9-Echo)
  • Sergeant Curtis Wilson (HR-9-Foxtrot)
  • Sergeant Crispin Grand (HR-9-November)
  • Corporal Jackie Harrell (HR-9-Oscar)
  • Corporal Vanessa Villadsen (HR-9-Sierra)

Foreword: After five weeks spent monitoring senior staff members at DEI Holdings3 through remote surveillance, communications interception, and introduction of embedded agents, Task Force Operations Director Alekhin authorized a raid on their headquarters in Vista, California.


Team's audio/video recorders are activated as they finish their equipment checks and prepare to exit the transport.

Alpha: All right, Command, we're good to go on our end.

COMMAND: Comm link is good. Move out when ready.

Alpha: Roger that. Okay boys, this is the primary administrative building for ACC four seventeen, so we're definitely going to meet security on our way in. Delta and Echo, you watch our flanks. Oscar and Sierra will take up the rear and watch our six. Keep an eye out, and neutralize any guards, non-lethals only. Target is the senior offices on the eighth floor. I want a clean run, in and out.

All: Yes, sir.

Alpha: Foxtrot, are we clear?

Foxtrot: Yes, sir. The fish is in the pond.4

Alpha: Hell yeah. Let's go.

The team exits the transport and moves toward the east side of the building, opposite from the security gate. There is a small courtyard, and a side door with an electronic lock. Bravo moves up to the keypad.

Bravo: All right, let's see what we have here.

Bravo connects a bypass mechanism to the keypad. The device runs through several thousand code variations, and after three minutes, the door unlocks, and Bravo removes the mechanism.

Foxtrot: Nice work.

Bravo: As if you expected anything else. Come on.

The team moves up through the east stairwell, encountering minimal resistance and using the code-bypass device to continue through the building. Twelve minutes of extraneous dialogue removed.

Alpha: Command, be advised, we've reached the eighth floor. Preliminary sweep indicates area is clear. There's a fire evacuation map here which we used to confirm our location. Main offices are down the left hallway.

COMMAND: No activity on the outside. You're clear to move in.

Alpha: Roger that. I'll take the lead. Bravo, watch my back.

Bravo: Yes sir.

Alpha moves forward, followed by the rest of the team. Reaching the end of the corridor, they find a large doorway marked with a seal depicting several animals and structures. This door does not have a keypad, and appears to be built of sandstone.


Recreation of the seal found at the GoI-ACC-0417 facility.

Delta: Interesting choice of decoration.

Echo: What is it? It looks kind of… Sumerian or something like that.

Bravo: How do you know?

Echo: I paid attention in World History.

Alpha: Contain the chit-chat. Command, can you tell us what the hell we're looking at?

COMMAND: Stand by. We're bringing someone in.

COMMAND contacts Dr. Zainuddeen al-Salek, a Foundation specialist in ancient Mesopotamian cultures. After seven minutes, Dr. al-Salek is connected via teleconference.

COMMAND: Alpha, please focus your cam on the seal.

Alpha: Got it.

Dr. al-Salek: All right, yes, that's definitely Akkadian— looks like a recreation of a Kassite kudurru, the sort of thing they would have used to mark a boundary. The serpent in the center is Nirah, who served as a sort of messenger for other, older gods. He was represented by a horned viper.5

Bravo: Again with the damn vipers.

Alpha: So we've got a place with a snake problem, and we find a big advertisement for Grandpa Snake God? Can't say I like where this is going.

Foxtrot: CERN has a Shiva statue at their front gate, to represent fundamental cosmic patterns or something like that. Could be a similar thing here.

Dr. al-Salek: It's possible that the design is purely symbolic or aesthetic, but it would be an odd choice. Nirah isn't exactly The Mighty Thor. He's only mentioned in a handful of random manuscripts. What I've told you is pretty much all we know about him. Unless they hired an interior designer who makes a habit of reading the 1992 British Museum Press, I can't really see this happening by chance.

Alpha: Awesome. Command, please advise. We're prepared to keep moving, if you think it's a good idea.

COMMAND: Proceed with caution, Alpha. Exfiltrate at your discretion.


Closing Statement: