This Car Is Protected By The Messenger Of Ištaran
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Item#: 3931
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
OSWAR-Site-45 Q. L. Zhang Rushpa Heravdakar STF G-14

An instance of SCP-3931-1 (Crotalus adamanteus) recovered from a manifestation in Brantley County, Georgia.


This anomaly is subject to an ongoing investigation, and some inconsistencies in documentation may persist. Proceed with caution, and contact your site's RAISA office if you would like to receive notifications of file updates through your SCiPNet email. Thank you.

Special Containment Procedures: Special Task Force Gulf-14 ("Alis Aquilae") has been formed to counter SCP-3931, and currently maintains a standby presence at several major Foundation facilities1, as well as a research detachment permanently stationed at Site-45. All task force agents must be trained in one or more of the following areas: anomalous fauna response and containment; individual to mass-dispersal amnestic administration; civilian crowd control; media identification and suppression; use of the iARMA 'Caldmann counter' system; and rapid urban deployment/extraction. Automated webcrawlers and media screening bots have been deployed to monitor for potential manifestation events and alert the nearest G-14 detachment.

Any SCP-3931-1 instances recovered from manifestation sites should be terminated to prevent further civilian casualties or potential damage to the surrounding ecosystem.2 Corpses of SCP-3931 victims may remain in the custody of local law enforcement, provided that a cover story can sufficiently explain the subject's injuries.

The Department of External Affairs is currently reviewing proposals for the acquisition of relevant companies under Foundation-operated group Amphivena Holdings. Should this be successful, Group of Interest 0417 will be disbanded under the pretense of corporate reorganization, with relevant members neutralized and reintegrated via Class-F amnestic therapy.

Description: SCP-3931 is a recurring phenomenon involving mass manifestation of snakes3 within motor vehicles. Aside from their anomalous materialization, instances (designated SCP-3931-1) have displayed no unusual behaviors or biological changes. The source of the anomaly, as well as the trigger for manifestation, remains undetermined.

Addendum 3931.1 - Containment Conference

Addendum 3931.2 - Investigation

Addendum 3931.3 - Current Status of Containment