SCPF || Test Report #53

Credentials confirmed - access granted!|

Personnel Identities Dossier

CD: Khaffit

Status: Alive


Anomalous Objects Index
Instances of SCP-1200 in their containment area.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1200 is to be kept within a standard issue Light Containment Zone access chamber. Access should only be granted for testing purposes, due to the highly dangerous/exploitable nature of SCP-1200. Instances of manifested individuals having consumed SCP-1200 spotted outside of any official testing environment should be terminated.

SCP-1200 does not pose any threat to containment on it's own, and available security procedures should be dedicated outwards to prevent exploitation.

Description: SCP-1200 is a series of 6 different types of gum that each pose their own unique properties. Assigned each a unique designation, these instances denote special properties that directly affect the human body on a physiological level. While these effects vary, they are usually non-lethal and can in some cases be beneficiary to the recipients of them. Each property is designated as follows:

SCP-1200-12 (Tastes Like Lemons) - Every portion of the subject's body will be re-colored lime green, including skin, vital organs, and blood.

SCP-1200-15 (Tastes Like Sunshine) - Temporarily makes exposed subjects glow a very bright yellow, in an effect that has blinding properties on those with weak eyesight and can disorient nearby persons. Effect appears to dissipate very shortly.

SCP-1200-29 (Tastes Like Rubik's Cube) - Extremities and body parts of the subject will be scattered across their body. They will reform at different points alongside the body, and involve a radical restructure of the subject's living systems, including cardiovascular, nervous, and skeletal systems. Has been known to increase the subject's body temperature and endurance of damage-based anomalies.

SCP-1200-58 (Tastes Like Afterlife) - Coats the subject in a metallic substance, creating an entire exoskeleton that envelops and protects them. Known to increase subject endurance to outwardly inflicted trauma, though is ineffective against complications from within the body.

SCP-1200-62 (Tastes Like Moon's Shadow) - Affects the subject on a molecular level, causing their body to turn transparent. Makes them hard to see and for persons with weaker depth perception, can render them almost entirely invisible. Instances of SCP-1200-62 should be terminated immediately upon sightings.

Question: Based on the results of how SCP-914 can biologically alter the components of personnel who are exposed to it under the affects of SCP-1200, will the effects of SCP-407 decay on the subjects similarly to other persons as a result of 914's effect on human skin?

Hypothesis: SCP-914's effects are varied and intriguing. SCP-1200 also has a wide variety of interesting effects on the physiology of exposed persons. These properties have been tested and observed numerous times. However, an often underestimated aspect is how these intersect with other similar objects that affect physiology, such as SCP-407.

Ergo, it would be a very worthwhile prospect to research concerning the SCPs. My hypothesis is as follows beneath:

  • Subjects exposed to SCP-914 with the effects of SCP-1200 & SCP-407 will find their skin decaying normally as SCP-914's Coarse setting suggests.
  • I believe this because SCP-914 most likely wouldn't deviate with SCP-407. However, observing how SCP-407 can reinforce and strengthen one's physical body, there is a very real possibility that SCP-914 could find itself challenged by SCP-407. Additionally, reinforce this with SCP-1200's additional effects on the human body and SCP-914 could produce very unique results with persons who are exposed to it.

Methodology: Four Class-Ds would ideally be obtained and briefed, and then taken to SCP-1200's chamber first after acquiring the right amount of MTF. Each Class-D would be assigned an instance of SCP-1200 based on their designation, as outlined beneath:

  • CD-A would be assigned to consume SCP-1200-12.
  • CD-B would be assigned to consume SCP-1200-29.
  • CD-C would be assigned to consume SCP-1200-58.
  • CD-D would be assigned to consume SCP-1200-62.

Upon consuming each assigned instance, we would then relocate to SCP-407's chamber for the second stage of the test. For efficiency's sake, each Class-D would enter the chamber at the same time and stand next to the SCP for 5 minutes. This would allow of them to equally absorb and take in SCP-407's properties for more consistent results, and get the physiological alterations I need to continue with the test.

Afterwards, we would head to SCP-914 for the final stage of the test. The Four Class-D would be lined up on the wall in the viewing area outside of SCP-914's holding chamber, and then would be herded in one at a time. Starting from CD-A, each Class-D would go in once per person and enter SCP-914's intake booth. The machine would then be rigged to the "Coarse" setting for each person as they were run through it.

Upon exiting SCP-914, I would ask a series of dynamic questions based on the Class-D to observe their properties and how each SCP-1200 instance affected them when combined with SCP-407 and SCP-914. Once I got enough data from one subject, I would have them exit the chamber and move onto the other. In the event that the subject possessed criteria that would designate them for an ethical termination, they would be terminated firstly before moving onward.

Once all Class-D were put in and the appropriate data was obtained, the test would be concluded and I would have any Class-Ds who passed healthily be brought to the Medical Bay first so that their speed could be restored, and if no Medical Department staff were available then have them returned to Zone-D, as minor speed changes are not terminable.

Security briefing proceeding uneventfully.

Four Class-D were obtained and briefed without incident. However, there was some minor rioting and attempted escapes from other Class-D in the area that had to be dealt with first. Eventually, these rioters were put down and we could get the Class-Ds briefed and headed to Zone-C to proceed through the checkpoint.

Original Class-D are processed through the checkpoint. These Class-D are unlogged in the personnel dossier as they left before even entering the containment zones, and therefore do not count.

This part was one of the more tedious sections, as all but one of the three Class-D left the game and had to be replaced. CD-A (the original CD who did not leave) was very compliant throughout the duration of the test and I commend them for their loyalty.

Over half of the Class-Ds unceremoniously dump the test, and have to be replaced. In the distance, you can see the replacement CDs being processed through the checkpoint.

Once all Class-D were replenished, we completed the security procedures and then headed to SCP-1200's chamber first. I lined up the Class-Ds on the wall and delivered appropriate instructions as necessary for each person. Quickly assigning designations, and then having them enter one at a time to consume their assigned instance was my modus operandi for this portion of the test. It was performed without incident, with only some minor moments as I had to guide the Class-D on how to consume their relative SCP instances.

The spectating party and a special guest observes the test.

At this stage, a rude interruption occurs. SCP-266 breaches containment and a Red Fox is instated. The Beta-7 orders us to evacuate and make our way to the Breach Shelter, cutting through Zone-A to get there faster. However, we intercept SCP-266 unintentionally on our way as a hardworking Sigma-9 tries to recontain it as they grow white. We are immediately stopped and have to go back in Light Containment as the MTF recontain the SCP, and upwards of 2 CDs run in to try and shoot at us.

The Mobile Task Forces rushing to catch and recontain SCP-266, instructing us to remain safely back behind the gate.

Their attempts of cutting the test off don't work, however, and we are able to neutralize them successfully. Once SCP-266 is recontained and the area goes into Fade-Out, we're able to continue with the test. Heading into the second stage, we move onto SCP-407. As outlined in the Methodology section, each Class-D will enter the chamber at the same time for 5 minutes to gain the effects.

Delivering the Class-Ds instructions that were outlined in my methodology.

However, 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the test, an affected CD (ironically affected from SCP-914's Fine setting) barges into the chamber. They quickly dispatch and kill almost everyone in the chamber, save for an MTF and some of the Class-D in 407. At this point, the test has to be cancelled as we cannot safely continue with CDs escaping into the zones and the Class-Ds involved are neutralized.

Conclusion: In sum, the hypothesis provided was inconclusive in it's results. This is due to the intense rioting and violent nature of Area-14 at the time of testing. It was inappropriate for this kind of large scale test, and significantly interrupted it. I would need to conduct further testing to properly confirm this test and make sure that the test can actually be done correctly.

Future researchers ought to take precautions before their test in order to ensure the proper security procedures are in place to keep it safeguarded from those who may wish to interrupt it and subvert the procedures, thus crashing their test. One must also be careful to have efficient testing procedures concerning these SCPs, so that they can minimize risk and maximize results, to the benefit of everyone in attendance.