SCPF || Test Report #54

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Anomalous Objects Index
SCP-173 in it's dormant state.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-173 must be contained within a securely locked chamber lined with glass and visible from all possible angles in the room. In the event that the chamber must be opened for access purposes, the Mobile Task Forces should be on standby to brief and personally escort any persons who wish to conduct experimentation with the SCP.

SCP-173 should be considered highly dangerous, and full procedures should be in effect to protect the facility in the event that this SCP breaches containment.

Description: SCP-173 is a highly animate concrete statue made out of rebar and spraypainted with Krylon brand paint. SCP-173's appearance consists of 4 arm like appendages stretching out from it's body, and a visible "heart" in it's center.

SCP-173's most dangerous property occurs when it is in the proximity of living persons and none of them have their player cameras focused on SCP-173. SCP-173 will move to the nearest individual out of these persons, and snap their necks, effectively killing them. SCP-173's movement speed is incredibly fast, to the point in which many have believed it to be teleportation, though this is false.

For this reason, SCP-173 is quite literally one of the most dangerous SCPs on site that is not in the Heavy Containment Zone, therefore special procedures have been enacted to prevent any potential incidents involving/regarding the SCP.