Tree House

SCP-XXXX File Compilation


SCP-XXXX's upon first discovery.

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Thaumiel
Site Responsible: NEDAEC SITE-140
Director: Sofia Johnson
Research Head: Scott Schmidt
Assigned Task Force: None
Level 4/XXXX
Top Secert

Special Containment Procedure:

Notice from O5 Council:
Due to the Council Verdict in ██/██/████. Mobile Task Force Beta-12 ("Left Hand") is not allowed to be patrolled in the areas. See the update special containment procedure in
GoI-010 ("The Association") files.


Usage Protocol:

As due to the Council Verdict, and SCP-XXXX has agree to be operation with the Foundation and Association. SCP-XXXX is to be used for contained the anomalies, and has designation to be the small sites known as Site-140-A.


SCP-XXXX is appear to be the wooden house, and has appear to be connect with the tree in the central of house. As however, SCP-XXXX physical appearance has seem appear to be cannot be destroy or harms by anything1. SCP-XXXX has appear to be sapient entities as due to the entities has show abilities to talk in english language. SCP-XXXX has anomalous capabilities to created any anomalous entities and phenomenon in the areas around the entities (See Beta-12 Report for the list of anomalous activity). SCP-XXXX has also capable of shape-shirft the inside of the house without any effect to the outside of house.


Destruction Proposal:

Using Proposal:

The Council Verdict: