Broken Masquerade Moment (BMM)


  • The Italian State formalize the Foundation, removing part of their power
  • In Italy, part of the Foundation's operate is in part replaced by the SISMA (Anomalous Materials Information and Security System / Sistema Informazione e Sicurezza Materiali Anomali), during some operations, they would ask for assistance from the Foundation
  • The tale is from the point of view of an agent of SISMA


  • The tale is from the pov of illegal trafficking sellers of anomalous weapons, in a favela
  • The BOPE’s section dedicated to occult affairs (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais / Special Police Operations Battalion) always kept trying to hunt down these sellers
  • One of the sellers is a humanoid itself, who creates bullets, despite guns are illegal in Brazil
  • There are now new horizons for making money, but at a cost. The risk of getting tracked down by the Foundation or any other anomalous containment group. But the criminals want to try anyway

Rome, Italy, January 12th, 2014


Alfreda Zito got into her car as she finished adjusting the cap on her head, the streets of Rome were still deserted at that hour, except for the few vehicles heading to work. The streetlights were still on, and the chilly January air could be felt. She turned on the radio, there wasn't much interesting going on at that hour, but it was still better than spending the rest of the trip in silence.

She stopped at the traffic light, despite the fact that there was no one crossing the street, she was a law-abiding person. She took advantage of that minute to double-check her papers, to make sure she hadn't forgotten them at home. When the green light finally came on, after what seemed to be an almost interminable minute, Alfreda drove off.

As she kept driving, she thought about everything that had happened in the last six months, starting with that accident, which changed the world forever, and the Veil that hid her and her colleagues.

That day seemed like any other day in the underground offices of the Rome Police Headquarters, the main secret base of the Anomalous Materials Information and Security System, also known as SISMA. She was in the Archives, sorting out some old case files about some smuggling that had taken place in the Bella Monaca's area.

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