Stuff what I've did:

- Helped with the policy and guide gathering initiative.

- Consistent and constructive participation in staff discussion, policy overhaul, O5 threads.

- Part of the charter drafting team. Helping with policy tree.

- Section co-Head of sandbox cleaning, implemented schedule initially

- Member of Deletions (this is why I actually need the Mod powers)

-Co-Vice-Captain of MAST

(potentially counts as O5 updating along with Discord but idk) Porting the vast majority of the Official Discord Ban List

- rewrote the Contact Staff page (though that's been languishing for months, and also this is a call to action to send me your Lead Liaisons list captains please put this part in the promotions thing Sidd thank you <3)

-sporadic participation in Collections

Other stuff:
I am around enough I could probably unlock metadata with awesome mod powers if needed, and also whatever other little things like that that I'm unaware of idk.