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Item#: 0000
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Still image of SCP-0000-17. SCP-0000-A tells an anecdote about annelids for the majority of the broadcast.

Special Containment Procedures: Automatic monitoring of SCP-0000-B is in place. In the event of an SCP-0000 event, nearby broadcast stations are set to disrupt the signal with FM/TV radio jamming; the resultant radio whiteout in the surrounding area is to be explained as military testing through standard disinformation protocol.

Recording of further SCP-0000 events is likewise automated, with a partially-buried TV receptor on Bohemian Grove grounds automatically correcting for Foundation interference in order to gather further recordings.

Description: SCP-0000 is a television broadcast that sporadically emits from the Owl Shrine within the Bohemian Grove campground in Sonoma County, California since ██/██/1995. The 9 meter tall owl statue in the shrine, designated SCP-0000-B, is the apparent source of the broadcasts, although no clear means of radio transmission have been discovered. Prior to containment, analogue televisions in the greater Sonoma County region tuned between channels 3 and 12 would display SCP-0000 broadcasts when they occurred.

SCP-0000 events are typically heavily modified versions of existing television programs that prominently feature SCP-0000-A as a guest, with news and live shows appearing more frequently than other programs. Each individual event is labelled numerically, from SCP-0000-1 to SCP-0000-48 as of ██/██/████. Several events show unreleased or nonexistent episodes or broadcasts. Events within each broadcast can vary, but generally involve abnormal discussions between SCP-0000-A and individuals present, or a speech directed at the camera.

SCP-0000-A is a recurring figure in every SCP-0000 event, appearing as esteemed former news anchor Walter Cronkite. Other individuals in SCP-0000 broadcasts may refer to it as Cronkite, and will respond positively to it throughout the event, while some may question the intrusion of SCP-0000-A on their program, or experience distress throughout if the original recording was filmed after Cronkite’s death in 2009.

Real life counterparts to individuals in SCP-0000 express no memory of the events. Walter Cronkite did not have any knowledge of the events in SCP-0000 instances, and referred to them as "extremely unsettling" before amnestics were applied.

The initial containment proposal, the installation of a Faraday cage around SCP-0000-B to effectively block SCP-0000 broadcasts, was denied due to the conspicuous nature of the owl shrine in both Bohemian Club rituals and popular culture; additionally, automatic radio disruption was deemed far less expensive than a Foundation acquisition of the Bohemian Club.

Addendum-01: SCP-0000-14

The following transcript is from SCP-0000-14, which depicted a broadcast of the now-defunct Wake Up with Al, a morning program that was frequently aired on The Weather Channel from 2008 to 2015. Host Al Roker and the screen graphics both identify the date as 12/28/2014; notably, Wake Up with Al does not air on Sundays. The episode proceeds typically for the first hour and fifteen minutes before the appearance of SCP-0000-A.

Addendum-02: SCP-0000-22

The following transcript is from SCP-0000-22, depicting a heavily deviating episode from season 6 of America’s Got Talent. Non-anomalous sections of the recording have been truncated for brevity.

Addendum-03: SCP-0000-45

The following transcript is from SCP-0000-45, depicting an unidentified newsroom with nobody present.

SCP-0000 - "And That's the Way It Is."

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