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The interior of SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX has been moved from its original location to Provisional Site-987, located precisely on the border between the townships of Ohioville in Beaver County, Pennsylvania and Middleton in Columbiana County, Ohio, thereby existing on the border between the three distinct spaces of state, county, and township. Despite it's immobility as a fixed location, SCP-XXXX has been moved to Provisional Site-987 by way of SCP-2719, with the Ohioville/Middleton border designated as having became Inside, and SCP-XXXX designated as going Inside.

In accordance with Protocol XXXX-Byrne, Provisional Site-987 has been demarcated into three distinct concentric zones centering on SCP-XXXX, each with their own set of containment procedures.

  • OUTER ZONE: The outermost ring of Provisional Site-897 is to be comprised of ten miles of uninterrupted forest. This forested area is to be fenced off and patrolled under the guise of a United States military installation, with appropriate security protocols. Three lines of Scranton Reality Anchors are interspaced at one mile intervals throughout the Outer Zone. Every other Reality Anchor has been programmed to fix reality at the opposite end of the Hume spectrum as those adjacent. This creates a "checkerboard pattern" of low (.40 and lower) and high (100 and higher) Hume levels, alternating between unstable and extra-stable reality. Additionally, a ring of Brennan Thaumaturgic Reactors, treated as holy objects by various priests of several faiths and emitting over 40 centiakivas of Akiva radiation, are to encircle the Central Zone at its border. No personnel may enter the Outer Zone; all maintenance must be conducted with drones.
  • CENTRAL ZONE: The middle ring of Provisional Site-897 is to consist of the municipality of Branford, Pennsylvania. The Foundation is to indirectly cooperate with local architects, city planners, industry leaders, and contractors to ensure that all elements of Branford are both influenced by the Foundation's containment needs and that that influence is subtle and invisible. The Foundation cannot directly change Branford's structure to better improve containment; all functionality of the town as a municipal containment chamber must be organically designed by nature. Only 15% of containment staff involved with SCP-XXXX are permitted to live in Branford as determined by the Department of Analytics, of which 60% must be personnel posing as military to maintain the Outer Zone. No churches are to be located within city limits, but all other elements of a small Western Pennsylvania town must be present. The city's Hume field is to be maintained at a precise level of 1 Hume via a large-scale Scranton Reality Anchor. Any deviations are to be immediately reported, and MTF Phi-90 ("Begin the Beguine") is to be dispatched to repair the Anchor. The Anchor is currently fixed to the outer wall of the Inner Zone's sarcophagus. The Loncraine-Eddefield Normality Engine is not to be used to maintain the Hume level under any circumstances.
  • INNER ZONE: The Innermost ring of of Provisional Site-897 is to consist of a spherical concrete sarcophagus covering SCP-XXXX, located in Branford city limits, with the Ohio/Pennsylvania border directly passing through the middle of the sarcophagus. The walls of the sarcophagus are to be 10 meters thick. The facility is to be closed under the guise of an abandoned steel factory. A small research facility has been constructed in the Central Zone opposite the sarcophagus for use in studying SCP-XXXX. Personnel are not to approach the sarcophagus except for authorized D-Class expeditions and authorized repair sessions for the Anchor from MTF Phi-90. D-Class personnel are to be equipped with one eye-mounted camera equipped with a anti-cognitohazardous SCRAMBLE filter which is capable of streaming video and audio back to the facility. D-Class personnel are to enter through a small steel door built into the side of the sarcophagus, and are required to lock the door behind them and knock on it once before proceeding further.

Under no circumstances is the Loncraine-Eddeford Normality Engine to be reactivated.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the radical Mennonite commune of Branford, now located within Provisional Site-987. External events have minimal effect on SCP-XXXX; local temperature, weather pattern, and atmospheric strontium-901 levels within SCP-XXXX are consistent with those of the early 1930s. Other anomalous entities or phenomena are outright incapable of penetrating SCP-XXXX's outer limits or indirectly affecting anything inside.