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Map of Floor 3 of the Global Occult Coalition Secure Facility in Prague.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: SC-19/539-20/122

Document Type: Step Compilation

Dates Received: 07/24/19 through 03/09/20

Operation Status: Open

Foreword: A multitude of enemies wade into the darkness even as we lurk for their approach. These foes seek to snuff the flame of this Insurgency, knowing their search will lead them to perish as rodents to the jaws of a shade in the dark. However, the strength of rodents is in their numbers, and so the hordes of the cowardly Coalition of the Occult struck from the histories a sanctuary of ours and the operatives therein.

Sever the head and it will grow back sevenfold. The time to plan from the shadows has once again ended, and the enaction of retribution is at hand. They shall again be afraid for the terror of night; and for the arrow that flies by day; and for the pestilence that walks in darkness; and for the destruction that lays waste at midday. A thousand will fall at our sides, and ten thousand by our right hand, resplendent in scarlet.

Hereafter we of Delta Command document the Steps of the Plan as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency.

1. STEP 19/539

Dispatch six armed Beta-Class personnel to the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz in Switzerland. They will be entrusted with the briefcase from Locker U-917. Adjoining Rooms 232 and 234 have been arranged for indefinite use. Two of the Betas will stay in Room 232 and await contact from a Marshall, Carter & Dark associate that will arrive on an indeterminate date. Four of the Betas will occupy Room 234 to continuously monitor Room 232 through the walls and provide backup in the event of the interference of a third party.

Upon contact with the associate, negotiations will take place. The Betas are to offer the briefcase in exchange for the object delivered by the associate. The Betas are not permitted to negotiate further. It will be sufficient. The associate will have been informed of the combination to the briefcase and may inspect its contents.

Return the retrieved items to Delta Command.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: FR-19/542-001

Document Type: Summary Report

Date Received: 09/11/19

Author: Gamma-Class H. Nguyen

The results exceed expectations. The exact mechanism by which the charge works is still poorly understood by R&D, but it has been determined that it creates an explosion retrocausally; that is, the detonation of the charge creates an explosion in that position approximately sixteen hours before its detonation.

As the charge's target has already been destroyed, we thus have no reason to detonate it. Rather than creating a "grandfather paradox" in which an effect retroactively disables its own cause, both the explosion's damage and the charge that caused it somehow remain in our reality. This means that the single charge has indefinite uses, but a secondary use was theorized quickly after the confirmation of the charge's properties.

A failsafe protocol could be designed in extremely simple terms; if the base comes under attack, detonate the charge in the bomb testing range. The presence of the sourceless explosion sixteen hours beforehand will then alert us of the impending attack, preventing the loss of resources. This can be done ad infinitum until a satisfactory result is reached. We are in the possession of a rewind button, and one that can transmit information to our rewound selves, albeit only one explosion at a time.

2. STEP 19/587