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1/5048 LEVEL 1/5048



Item #: SCP-5048

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Per Ethics Committee ruling, SCP-XXXX-A have been offered Foundation employment opportunities

Description: SCP-5048 is the semi-corporeal spectral projection of deceased Japanese-American mechanic Arthur Watanabe. SCP-5048 is normally not detectable in the visible light spectrum, but may become briefly visible under intense light or near-ultraviolet light (such as that produced by "blacklight" lamps) before rapidly fading from sight. SCP-5048 is capable of movement through solid surfaces (albeit slower than through open air) and can levitate. SCP-5048 is sapient, though cannot speak.

SCP-5048-A is the collective designation for the immediate surviving family of the late Arthur Watanabe, composed of the following individuals:

  • SCP-5048-A-1, Julia Watanabe (wife, 53).
  • SCP-5048-A-2, Michelle Watanabe (daughter, 24).
  • SCP-5048-A-3, Arthur "Sam" Watanabe Jr. (son, 21).
  • SCP-5048-A-4, Justin Watanabe (son, 19).
  • SCP-5048-A-5, Kotone Watanabe (mother, 78).

SCP-5048-A are non-anomalous besides their connection to SCP-5048. SCP-5048 manifests exclusively in the presence of members of SCP-5048-A. Attempting to separate SCP-5048 more than approximately 8 meters from a member of SCP-5048-A will result in it involuntarily remanifesting in the presence of another member of SCP-5048-A. SCP-5048 is additionally capable of instantaneous transportation to any member of SCP-5048-A at will.

Addendum-01: Discovery and Interview Log

SCP-5048 was discovered when Foundation-planted automatic keyword scanners flagged a telephone conversation between SCP-5048-A-5 and another civilian. SCP-5048-A-5 attributed multiple instances of items missing from the Butsudan1 kept in the main room to Arthur Watanabe's spirit, which they claimed to have seen.

After the investigation and subsequent containment of SCP-50482, communication with SCP-5048 was attempted. Preliminary testing revealed that high-frequency strobe lights were capable of keeping SCP-5048 semi-visible for extended periods. SCP-5048 appeared to have extreme difficulty interacting with physical objects, especially when fine motor skills were required, but was capable of simple gestures and could answer yes-or-no questions. SCP-5048 was eventually taught a simplified form of American Sign Language to aid in two-way communication.