J-2754 had awoken from a horrible dream. J-2754 was hyperventilating within a puddle of his own sweat and grease, unbothered by wetness underneath him. As the entity regained its composure, it slowly began to observe its surroundings.

J-2754 was surrounded by darkness; not a light was to be seen anywhere. There was a distinct moistness about the area, the entity was having a difficult time determining whether it was simply coated in a thick layer of its own grease or if the floor was simply covered in the extract of J-2753, the last one to have been deemed 'repulsive' by the council.

Somewhere, a noise slowly began approaching the area J-2754 was confined in. Slowly, the creature was approaching the room as the clanking of metals mixed with the beastly stomps.

As the stomps reach its most audible peak, a door swings open. A small flame can be seen