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Item #: SCP-3967

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All documentation regarding anomalies affected by SCP-3967 is to be preserved in a rewritten format and kept as fully archived documents within the RAISA database. All personnel involved in the research and containment of SCP-3967-affected anomalies are to be administered Class-A amnestics and must undergo reassignment to unrelated projects.

Description: SCP-3967 is a memetic phenomenon involving a deviation to special containment procedures, whereby currently catalogued anomalies begin to spontaneously disappear. Affected anomalies include anomalous objects, entities, locations, and conceptual structures. Anomalies affected by this phenomenon do not appear to be directly connected to one another but collectively involve the manifestation of a note (designated SCP-3967-1) of unknown origin.

24 hours before the disappearance of an anomaly, SCP-3967-1 will appear appended to the end of the object's document. Anomalies undergoing SCP-3967 become wiped from all known file systems, including Protected Site-01 and RAISA archives. The contents of SCP-3967-1 are as follows:

If you are not the author and you want to rewrite this article, you may reply to this post asking for the opportunity to do so. Please obtain permission from the author.

Creating back-ups of disappearing articles is not effective in ceasing the phenomenon. "Crosslink" article configurations, in which a disappearing anomaly is related in some way to a non-affected anomaly, are affected such that the non-affected anomaly is weakened or strengthened in its effects (which differs in the case of any individual anomaly). This power fluctuation may lead to difficulties in the containment of any non-affected yet associated anomaly. This ultimately leads to a weakening in the overall anomalous ecosystem, potentially leading to an AK-class (Full Anomalous Destabilization) scenario.

Addendum 3967-1:

4 months since the prime emergence of SCP-3967, approximately 34 anomalies have been affected by the effects of this phenomenon. Researchers assigned to this unique phenomenon have been led to understand a deeper pattern involved among all affected anomalies. In response, a reliable list of criteria that defines the SCP-3967 phenomenon has been developed. The criteria are as follows.

  • Affected objects are documented with unnecessary or "over-the-top" containment procedures, mainly involving chambers fabricated from titanium or telekill alloys. These unnecessary procedures appear to obfuscate the true nature of the aforementioned anomaly. This makes it uncertain whether the anomaly's nature is simply misunderstood, or if an unprofessional level of care was taken to contain it.
  • The object itself is highly powerful and potentially leads to a K-class end-of-the-world scenario. Documentation fails to outline the true consequences of this anomaly and containment typically aligns with that of the first criteria.
  • The object's document, which includes any written supplements to the anomaly, is poorly written, improperly formatted, and contain grammatical and logic errors.

Based on these new observations, PROJECT: TAPERED SPEAR has been proposed and SCP-3967 is pending Thaumiel reclassification. TAPERED SPEAR underlines the adaptation of the aforementioned criteria for use with dangerous anomalies in an attempt to destroy them. As the destruction of any anomaly is in direct opposition to the Foundation's goals, the execution of TAPERED SPEAR is currently being contested by an Ethics Committee special tribunal.


For: 21
Against: 20
Abstain: 2

The following are excerpts of various official Ethics Committee responses:

Note from Ethics Committee Liaison: If we are to systemically destroy anomalies until there is no trace then we are no different from the Global Occult Coalition. We have plenty of naturally occurring Thaumiel objects with well-understood containment features. There is no use in adopting one with such destructive and poorly understood properties.

Note from Ethics Committee Liaison: We would simply be fools if we were to ignore this fascinating anomaly. Subverting any anomaly such that it destroys no further is a method of containment, is it not?

Note from Ethics Committee Liaison: I'm undecided. There is no indication, empirical or otherwise, that this will be effective in containing anything. Why haven't we undergone rigorous testing before even suggesting this plan? No further comment.

Note from Ethics Committee Liaison: Though the tribunal was ultimately in favour of TAPERED SPEAR, the decision was contested with fervour. The institution has decided to withhold Thaumiel classification for the time being, as there has been no testing to suggest this route will lead to its desired result. I'm personally on board, but even so, I'd like to see some substance.

- Dream and dreamer fill an equal tomb.

Addendum 3967-2:
Preliminary testing of SCP-3967 to determine the suitability of a Thaumiel reclassification has officially commenced. Attached is a preliminary testing log, the results of which will determine a final decision.

Proposal excerpt

Proposal of SCP-3967 use: Use SCP-3967 to destroy SCP-████, a complex water-based spatial anomaly capable of flooding North America within 50 years.

Actions taken: SCP-████'s file was updated to contain heavy grammatical errors and major inconsistencies with the related functions of the anomaly. Multiple fabricated additions about SCP-████ were also added, alongside an unrelated image depicting a large ocean wave.

Result: SCP-████ was completely erased from all Foundation databases within 48 hours by SCP-3967. After further research and an observation into the former location of SCP-████, it was determined that the threat posed by SCP-████ had been neutralized.

After continued debate and preliminary testing involving 19 different anomalies, SCP-3967 has passed the second stage of voting among the Ethics Committee special tribunal. The final decision to officially reclassify SCP-3967 as a Thaumiel object has been made and use of the phenomenon according to research criteria has been allowed to dispose of threatening anomalies. The first round of post-reclassification research involving 50 anomalies is underway.

Researcher Note: Dr Smalls did not show up during the latter parts of today's testing. Stranger still, he no longer appears on any of our itineraries and his name appears on none of my project files. I'll run another file check. If there has been an immediate project alteration or a change in schedule that I was not informed of, please notify me immediately.

- Senior Researcher John Henford

Researcher Note: Dr Henford, are you alright? Yes, there was indeed a 3-hour testing schedule change, but I'd like to inform you that a "Dr Smalls" has never been involved with this project. This was most likely an error with the project documents, as a person named "Dr Smalls" is not associated with this department. Please report back when you see this.

- Dr Robert Woods

Researcher Note: I'm sorry, there must be a mistake. What do you mean Dr Smalls has never been involved? This isn't a database error, I discussed SCP-████ with him at length just a few days ago. You must know the man. Smalls, a bit portly, had glasses, and was a bit blunt at times, but was an exceptional memeticist with a ridiculous cognitive resistance. You must have interacted with him before.

- Senior Researcher John Henford

Researcher Note: That can't be, Dr Henford. I ran a Level 4 check through SCiPNET, and that name simply isn't coming up. Please, doctor, take a break, the stress must be getting to you. Testing has been absolutely rigorous these past few weeks.

I assure you that someone named Dr Smalls has never worked with us.

- Dr Robert Woods

Researcher Note: I'm shocked, frankly. But, hold on, now. There must be something to this.

Dr Smalls was among multiple researchers who were working with anomalies destroyed by SCP-3967, yes? SCP-3967 erases the file along with the anomaly itself. Perhaps this could lead to some memory gaps regarding affected anomalies as well? In some retroactive manner, of course. We haven't discussed where exactly these anomalies go, and I'm sure we've all had our questions. And as far as I can remember, Smalls was assigned to investigate SCP-████ when it was first discovered.

Are we sure personnel aren't also being deleted?


Researcher Note: Sorry, what the hell?

- Dr Robert Woods




- What comes, after the old gods have forsaken you?

Addendum 3967-3: